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Community Restaurant


OPA Trio


image of OPA Trio


Greek yogurt dip with cucumber and garlic


image of Tzatziki

Kalamata Olives Hummus

Smashed chick peas blended with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin & olives


image of Kalamata Olives Hummus

Gigantes Plaki

Spicy roasted red pepper and feta dip


image of Gigantes Plaki


Spicy roasted red pepper and feta dip


image of Tyrokafteri


Freshly fried patties from a mixture of chickpeas, fresh herbs and spices


image of Falafel

Beet & Burrata Salad

sous vide red and golden beets over arugula with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with burrata cheese and basil oil


image of Beet & Burrata Salad

Fried Mozzarella

hand breaded mozzarella fried golden brown and served with house marinara sauce


Mediterranean Mixed Olives


image of Mediterranean Mixed Olives



image of Spanakopita



Romaine lettuce, vine tomatoes, cucumber, feta crumbles, red onion, Kalamata olives and Greek dressing


image of Greek


Romaine lettuce, freshly grated parmesan cheese, hard boiled egg and croutons tossed in our homemade dressing


image of Caesar

Chopped Chef

Romaine lettuce, vine tomatoes, house roasted turkey, bacon, Swiss & Cheddar cheese, hardboiled egg, with our homemade 1000 Island dressing


image of Chopped Chef

7 Valley Goat & Cheese

roasted red and gold beets, Plain Jane goat cheese, toasted walnuts, spinach and balsamic vinaigrette dressing (2 Kids Goat Farm, Truxton)


image of 7 Valley Goat & Cheese

OREKTIKA (oh-rek-tee-KAH)

Garides Saganaki

Roasted jumbo shrimp with garlic, tomato, Kalamata olives, white wine & feta cheese, served with naan dippers


image of Garides Saganaki

Stuffed Mushrooms

With our homemade lump crabmeat. Taste of Downtown Award Winner


image of Stuffed Mushrooms


Char broiled chicken wings marinated in Greek herbs & spices with a hint of lemon, served with tzatziki sauce


image of Fterouges

Kalamari (Kah-lah-MAH-ree)

Fresh hand cut calamari from Point Judith RI


image of Kalamari (Kah-lah-MAH-ree)

Paidakia (pa-ee-da-kia)

Char broiled lamb lollipops in Greek herbs & spices served with tzatziki sauce


image of Paidakia (pa-ee-da-kia)

Sticky Honey & Harissa

Aleppo pepper dry rubbed wings finished in sweet & spicy glaze


image of Sticky Honey & Harissa


Main St Turkey

Hand carved turkey breast with pan gravy and all the fixings. Served with cranberry sauce


image of Main St Turkey

Down Town Pot Roast

Sous vide cooked tender beef chucks in rich gravy with roasted carrots & shallots


image of Down Town Pot Roast

Drunken Pork (O mezes tou mpekri)

Succulent pork shank, with green peppers & onions cooked in a white wine stock with spices to make a rich sauce


image of Drunken Pork (O mezes tou mpekri)

Greek Souvlaki Skewers

image of Greek Souvlaki Skewers


Fried till golden brown and topped with house made marinara & mozzarella cheese, served with angel hair pasta


Wild Mushroom Pesto Stuffed Pasta

Three cheese stuffed tortellini with roasted wild mushroom cream sauce


image of Wild Mushroom Pesto Stuffed Pasta


Brizola (bree-ZO-la)

15oz Pork Belly Chop with a hint of lemon and Greek oregano


image of Brizola (bree-ZO-la)

Lamb Rib Chops

Marinated in Greek Herbs & Spices


image of Lamb Rib Chops

18oz Delmonico Rib Eye

USDA 100% Angus Reserve Beef


image of 18oz Delmonico Rib Eye

16on NY Strip

USDA 100% Angus Reserve Beef


image of 16on NY Strip

Broiled Seafood Platter

With scrod, large sea scallops and jumbo stuffed shrimp with lump crabmeat


image of Broiled Seafood Platter

Baked Scrod


image of Baked Scrod

Crown City Fish & Chips

Lightly breaded fresh haddock filet, fried till golden brown and served with our house-made tartar sauce


image of Crown City Fish & Chips


Hand-Cut fresh cold water filet


image of Salmon



Huge award winning gyros


image of Gyro

Chef "Standard" Club

House roasted turkey, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, roasted garlic mayo


image of Chef "Standard" Club

Community Reuben

A Community classic with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, housemade 1000 island on grilled rye bread


image of Community Reuben


Topped with crisp bacon, American cheese and all the fixings on a grilled Brioche bun


image of Tully


Topped with wild mushrooms, Swiss cheese and all the fixings on a grilled Brioche bun


image of Durkee

Crown City Fish

Hand breaded 8oz haddock filet with house made tartar sauce


image of Crown City Fish


Cheese Cake


Chocolate Mousse Cake


Carrot Cake



Pasta with Sauce


Grilled Chicken

With rice pilaf and asparagus


Roast Turkey

All white meat with mashed potatoes and gravy


Grilled Cheese

With French Fries


Pasta with Butter



With French Fries



Pita Bread


Garlic Rice Pilaf


Grilled Asparagus


Butternut Squash


Greek Green Beans


Mashed Potatoes with Beef Gravy


Lemon Roasted Potatoes


French Fries


image of French Fries

Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy


Mashed Potatoes


Sautéed Spinach


Caesar Salad


image of Caesar Salad

Garden Salad


Greek Salad


image of Greek Salad