Judy's Java Joint

Judy's Java Joint


Almond Crisp Latte

Almond and cinnamon flavored

Almond Joy Mocha

Almond, coconut, dark chocolate flavored


Espresso and steamed water

Blackberry Lavender Iced Tea

Blackberry and lavender flavored

Blackberry Lavender White Mocha

Blackberry, lavender, white chocolate flavored

Bottled Water


Brewed Coffee

Cafe Au Lait

Half coffee, half steamed milk


Caramel Fluff

Caramel and dulce de leche flavored

Caramel Macchiato

Chai Tea Latte

Cinnamon Dulce

Cinnamon and dulce de leche flavored

Cinnamon French Toast Latte

Cinnamon and toasted marshmallow flavored

Coconut Caramel Latte

Coconut and caramel flavored

Coconut Cream Pie Latte

Coconut and vanilla flavored

Con Panna

Espresso with whipped cream


Espresso Macchiato

Espresso with steamed foam

Extra Espresso Shot


Fit Frappe

Protein drink with caffeine


French Vanilla Berry Latte

Frosted White Mint Mocha

Frosted mint and white chocolate flavored

He Cha Tea

Loose leaf tea

Hot Chocolate

Iced Coffee

Iced Tea

Italian Soda


Lavender Vanilla Latte

Lavender and vanilla flavored


Peach Berry Iced Tea

Peach and blackberry flavored

Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint and dark chocolate flavored

Raspberry Almond White Mocha

Raspberry, almond and white chocolate flavored

Raspberry Mocha

Raspberry and dark chocolate flavored

Raspberry White Mocha

Raspberry and white chocolate flavored

Red Eye

Coffee with espresso


Real fruit juice and green coffee extract

S'mores Mocha

Toasted marshmallow and dark chocolate flavored

Salted Caramel Dulche

Salted caramel and dulce de leche flavored


Snickerdoodle Latte

Cinnamon and vanilla flavored


Toasted Cinnamon Mocha

Toasted marshmallow, cinnamon and dark chocolate flavored

Toasty Coconut Latte

Coconut and toasted marshmallow flavored

Twisted Hot Chocolate

Dark chocolate and white chocolate flavored

Vanilla Wafer

Vanilla and white chocolate flavored

White Chocolate Mocha









Pound Cake


Protein Puck

Almond butter, agave, oats, pumpkin seeds, organic dark chocolate



Coffee Beans 1 lb Bag

Please note in special requests if need special type of grind


Coffee Beans 1/2 lb Bag

Please note in special requests if you want whole beans or what type of machine you want them ground for (drip, french press, k-cup, etc.)


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