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Blackthorn Pub and Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago 1 Topping

Chicago 2 Topping

Chicago 3 Topping

Chicago 4-7 Topping

Chicago 8+ Topping

Chicago Meat Lovers

Chicago Veggie Lovers

Chicago Cheese

Chicago Supreme

Thin Crust Pizza

Thin 1 Topping

Thin 2 Topping

Thin 3 Topping

Thin 4-7 Topping

Thin 8+ Topping

Thin Cheese

Thin Meat Lovers

Thin Veggie Lovers

Thin Supreme


Large Salad with Ranch


Large Salad with House Dressing


Small Salad with House Dressing


Small Salad with Ranch



Large Bread


Small Bread


Extra Sauces

Side of Sauce


Side of Ranch