BW's Barbecue background image

BW's Barbecue


5007 Lake Ave, Blasdell, NY


BBQ Quesadilla


image of BBQ Quesadilla

BW's Smoked BBQ Wings

image of BW's Smoked BBQ Wings

Hot Candy Wings

image of Hot Candy Wings

Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

image of Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

BW's Rib Tips


image of BW's Rib Tips

Chicken Fingers


image of Chicken Fingers

Combo Platter


image of Combo Platter

Jalapeno Bombs


image of Jalapeno Bombs

Mozzarella Sticks


image of Mozzarella Sticks

Peach Pork Sliders w/Fries (2)


image of Peach Pork Sliders w/Fries (2)

Kansas City Tenderloin Tips


image of Kansas City Tenderloin Tips

The Logs


image of The Logs

Potato Skins


image of Potato Skins


Choc Milk


image of Choc Milk



image of Coffee

Decaf Coffee


image of Decaf Coffee

Watermelon Sweet Tea


image of Watermelon Sweet Tea

Hot Tea


image of Hot Tea



image of Juice



image of Milk



image of Soda


image of Water


Deep Fried Cheesecake


image of Deep Fried Cheesecake

Banana Bread Pudding


image of  Banana Bread Pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


image of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

From The Pit

Barbecue Plate


image of Barbecue Plate

Smoked Beef Brisket Dinner


image of Smoked Beef Brisket Dinner

Chicken Dinner

image of Chicken Dinner

Combo Chicken & Ribs

image of Combo Chicken & Ribs

Kansas City Tenderloin Tips


image of Kansas City Tenderloin Tips

Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner


image of Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner

Rib Dinner

image of Rib Dinner

From The Sea

Fried Shrimp Dinner


image of Fried Shrimp Dinner

Grilled Shrimp Dinner


image of Grilled Shrimp Dinner

Kids Menu

Little Chicken Fingers


image of Little Chicken Fingers

Chicken Little


image of Chicken Little

Chicken Little & Rib Combo


image of Chicken Little & Rib Combo

Little Burger


image of Little Burger

Little Grilled Cheese


image of Little Grilled Cheese

Little Macaroni & Cheese


image of Little Macaroni & Cheese

Little Ribber


image of Little Ribber


.38 Special


image of .38 Special

Barbecue Reuben


image of Barbecue Reuben

Beef Brisket Sandwich


image of Beef Brisket Sandwich

BW's Corned Beef Reuben


image of BW's Corned Beef Reuben

BW's Gourmet Burger


image of BW's Gourmet Burger

Grilled Chicken Sandwich


image of Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Jack


image of Grilled Chicken Jack

Portobello Porker


image of Portobello Porker

Pulled Pork Sandwich


image of Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked Beef Sandwich


image of Smoked Beef Sandwich

Veggie Burger


image of Veggie Burger

Mountain Man


image of Mountain Man

Brisket Melt WITH SIDE


image of Brisket Melt WITH SIDE

Brisket Melt


image of Brisket Melt

El Diablo Burger


image of El Diablo Burger


Smoked Baked Beans


image of Smoked Baked Beans

1LB Baked Beans


image of 1LB Baked Beans

Broccoli Salad


image of Broccoli Salad

1LB Broccoli Salad


image of 1LB Broccoli Salad



image of Coleslaw

1LB Coleslaw


image of 1LB Coleslaw

Collard Greens


image of Collard Greens

1LB Collard Greens


image of 1LB Collard Greens

French Fries


image of French Fries

1LB French Fries


image of 1LB French Fries

Cajun French Fries


image of Cajun French Fries

1LB Cajun Fries


image of 1LB Cajun Fries

Mac & Cheese


image of Mac & Cheese

1LB Mac & Cheese


image of 1LB Mac & Cheese

Macaroni Salad


image of Macaroni Salad

1LB Macaroni Salad


image of 1LB Macaroni Salad

Mashed Potato


image of Mashed Potato

1LB Mashed Potato


image of 1LB Mashed Potato

Mashed Sweet Potato


image of Mashed Sweet Potato

1LB Sweet Mash


image of 1LB Sweet Mash

Potato Salad


image of Potato Salad

1LB Potato Salad


image of 1LB Potato Salad

Sweet Fries


image of Sweet Fries

1LB Sweet Fries


image of 1LB Sweet Fries

Vegetable of the Day


image of Vegetable of the Day

1LB Veg of the Day


image of 1LB Veg of the Day



image of Applesauce

Loaded Baker


image of Loaded Baker

Chef Salad


image of Chef Salad

Side Caesar


image of Side Caesar

Cup Soup of the Day


image of Cup Soup of the Day

Corn Bread


image of Corn Bread

Blue Cheese


image of Blue Cheese



image of Gravy

Sour Cream


image of Sour Cream

Honey Butter


image of Honey Butter



image of Carolina

Chicken Marinade


image of Chicken Marinade

Hot Candy Sauce


image of Hot Candy Sauce

Honey BBQ


image of Honey BBQ



image of Hot BBQ

Hot Candy


image of Hot Candy

Kansas City


image of Kansas City



image of Reg BBQ

Soup & Salad

French Onion Soup

image of French Onion Soup

Soup Of The Day

image of Soup Of The Day

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


image of Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Finger Salad


image of Chicken Finger Salad

BW's Grilled Chicken Salad


image of BW's Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Shrimp Salad


image of Grilled Shrimp Salad

Take Out Specials

Half Chicken Family Pack


image of Half Chicken Family Pack

Chicken & Rib Family Pack


image of Chicken & Rib Family Pack

Bucket of Chicken


image of Bucket of Chicken

Rib Tip Bucket


image of Rib Tip Bucket

Bucket of Ribs


image of Bucket of Ribs

Bucket of Wings


image of Bucket of Wings

Two Bucket Special


image of Two Bucket Special

Super Bucket Special


image of Super Bucket Special



Eating Utensils Pack


Take Out | Ala Carte | Gettin' Saucy

1/2 Chicken


image of 1/2 Chicken

1/4 Chicken


image of 1/4 Chicken

Full Rack of Ribs


image of Full Rack of Ribs

1/2 Rack of Ribs


image of 1/2 Rack of Ribs

1/4 Rack of Ribs


image of 1/4 Rack of Ribs

Boneless Chicken Breast


image of Boneless Chicken Breast

Brisket Side


image of Brisket Side

Pork Side


image of Pork Side

Build a 6 Pack


image of Build a 6 Pack

One Bottle

image of One Bottle

Kaiser Roll


image of Kaiser Roll

Rib Rub


image of Rib Rub