Phuket Thai Restaurant

Phuket Thai Restaurant


21 Princess St, Wakefield, MA

Lunch Box Specials

L- Cashew Nut/Rice


L- Crazy Noodle


L- Hot Basil/Rice


L- Pad See Ew Noodle


L- Pad Thai Noodle


L- Thai Red Curry/Rice


L- Yellow Curry/Rice



Chicken Satay Bite (GF)

Grilled chicken Satay served with Plum sauce & peanut Sauce.


CoCo Shrimp

Shrimp crusted with coconut flakes, deep fried until golden brown. served with sweet & sour sauce.


Crab Rangoons (5)


Pork Dumpling (5) (Steam Or Fried)


Shrimp Shumai (6) (Steam Or Fried)


Wonton (6) (Steam Or Fried)


Apps Vegetarian



Scallion Pancake (8)


Vegetarian Crispy Roll (4)


Vegetarian Dumpling (Steam Or Fried)


Crispy Veggie Rice Cake (4)



Glass Noodle Soup


Tom Yum Soup





Gluten Free Fried Rice

Hot Basil Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice

Gluten Free Noodle

Crazy Noodle

Hot Country Style Pad Thai

Pad See Ew

Pad Thai

Pad Woon-Sen


Jade Noodle

Phuket Noodle

Udon Basil Noodle

Udon Garlic Noodle

Gluten Free Curry

Massaman Curry

Thai Red Curry

Yellow Curry ( Kang Garee)

Mixed & Match Sauce (Gluten Free)

Cashew Nut (GF)

Hot Basil ( GF)


Black Pepper

Spicy Bamboo (GF)

Pad Prik King

Veggie Medley ( GF)

Chef Specials

Tender Beef Platter (GF)


Veggie Veggie (GF)


S- Chicken Ka-Prow


S- Chicken Pineapple


Tofu Royale (GF)


Side Orders

Steamed Rice Noodle


Steamed Udon Noodle


Brown Rice


Steamed Veggies


Ginger Sauce


White Rice


Peanut Sauce (4oz)


Plum Sauce


Peanut Sauce (2oz)





Diet Coke


Ginger Ale


Spring Water