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Crooked Run Fermentation

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Buck a Shuck (Collab) 4pk To-Go

Clean, crisp & refreshing. Collab with our friends at Crooked Run. This Munich style pale lager was brewed with local Bear Branch malts for a balanced sweetness and refreshing finish that pairs well with picking crabs and shucking oysters. 4.8%


Coast 4pk To-Go

Pilsner with Motueka and Wakatu hops. 5%


Heart and Soul 4pk To-Go

Our core IPA strikes a balance between east and west coast with moderate bitterness and juicy 007 and Mosaic hop flavor. 6.5%


Raspberry Empress 4pk To-Go

Our year-round kettle sour, hit with whirlpool Mosaic hops, and then tons of fresh raspberries and Mosaic hops in the tank. Ultra-refreshing! 6%


Lemon Lime Swirl 4pk To-Go

Swirl is our line of ice cream style seltzers. Lemon Lime Swirl has sweet flavors of sorbet, melted freeze pops, and lemonade. 6%


Twist of Fate 4pk To-Go

Twist of Fate is a bright, hazy IPA with Lemondrop, zesty lime Motueka, and tangerine-forward Citra. These three hops blend together to give a super citrusy, low bitterness IPA. Flavors of OJ, Mellow Yellow, and key limes. 6%


Verdant Force 4pk To-Go

This double IPA is made with the classic combo of Citra and Simcoe hops. Hazy, orange, and juicy, with a slight touch of bitterness. 8.5%


Navi 500ml To-Go

Navi. Bottle-conditioned Czech-style pils. This double-decocted pilsner was one of our favorites from last year. Dry-hopped with Saaz and highly carbonated. 4.5%


Aronia 750ml To-Go

This mixed fermentation sour was conditioned in American oak barrels with chokeberries. Prominent acidity, jammy brett flavors, and tannic berry flavor are nicely rounded by vanilla oak flavor. 6%


First Frost 750ml Bottle To-Go

First Frost was started with our house saison, fermented with a mix of wild saccharomyces and Brett, aged in a new Virginia oak barrels with local persimmons for one year. First Frost has notes of honey, baking spices, and floral overtones plus oak-driven tannins and vanilla. 5.5%


Lente 750ml Bottle To-Go

Lente is a coolship IPA that was cooled overnight with whole cone Centennial hops. It was then barrel-fermented and aged for 16 months before dry hopping with Zappa and bottle conditioning. It has booming notes of peach juice, light earthiness, and overripe fruit driven by wild Brettanomyces. 6%


Lupa 750ml Bottle To-Go

Lupa is a blend of several mixed fermentation golden sours aged in Stone Tower wine barrels that were between 1 and 2 years old. The beer was then dry hopped with Julius hops before bottle conditioning. Tart, with slight minerality and orange hop flavor. 5.5%


Rise 750ml

Grisettes were originally the beverage of choice for European miners. Moss 2 is named after the mine that our head brewer Mckinnen Leonard's grandfather worked in for most of his life. This beer was also made with 100% locally malted grain from Murphy and Rude and Cascade hops from Fabbioli Cellars. Notes of pear, bubblegum, hay, blueberry scones, and clove. 5%


Wine-Chambourcin Bottle To-Go

this sparkling, dry wine was made with locally grown Chambourcin grapes with no added sulfites and 100% spontaneous fermentation. This wine has some very wild notes of grape juice, natural fruit roll-ups, Brettanomyces earthiness, and pipe tobacco


Orange Piquette Bottle To-Go

Piquette is a low ABV sparkling wine made from second use grapes, which imparts a somewhat lighter but still full flavored taste to the wine. The result is an easy drinking low intervention wine with pleasant notes of pear and honeydew rind.


Orange Wine Bottle To-Go

The sparkling version of our skin contact Chardonnay grape wine has flavors of apricot juice, lemon, starfruit, puff pastry, and firm tannic presence.


Wine-Pet-Nat Petit Malvasia To-Go


Wine-Pet-Nat Petit Verdot Rose To-Go


Petit Manseng Piquette Bottle To-Go

Petite Manseng Piquette is one of the most amazing beverages we've released, period. This little session wine has absolutely huge flavors of watermelon Jolly Ranchers in an extremely drinkable 4% package. This might be your new favorite thing to drink!


Wine-Rose Wine Bottle To-Go



Persica is a mixed fermentation golden sour that was barrel-fermented and then heavily fruited with peaches. The result is striking but not overwhelming acidity and lots of yeast-driven fruitiness, along with nice tones of peaches. 7%

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