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Castro's Restaurant

Artisanal Salads

Mediterranean Potato Salad

Roasted mushrooms, Okinawa sweet potatoes, olives, macrons almonds, sea salt, and fresh herbs

Watermelon Beet Salad

Roasted beets, watermelon, quinoa, walnuts, red miso vinaigrette, chia seeds, compressed yuzu.








Bottled Water



Croque Senorita

Local Pono pork layered between brioche bread topped with omelette style baked Egg, Gruyere Mornay sauce, local guava jam, lilikoi yuzu gel, served with local seasonal fruit


Papaya Bowl

Half organic local papaya, house made granola, house made seasonal yogurt, poi, and local seasonal fruits


Traditional Cuban

Linguisa Portuguese Sausage, omelet style baked egg, roasted potatoes, Parsely Mojo. Choice of black beans OR seasonal fruit


Tres Leches French Toast

Artisanal brioche bread, Caramel rum sauce, local seasonal fruit, house seasonal whipped cream


Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Brisket Sandwich

Brisket, omelete style baked egg, aged white cheddar, chipotle aioli, on toasted hoagie bread served with a side of seasonal fruit.


Buen Dia Sandwich

Omelete style baked egg, aged white cheddar, dill creme fraiche, on toasted hoagie bread, served with a side of seasonal fruit


Ham And Cheese Sandwich

Local ham, omelete style baked egg, aged white cheddar, garlic aioli, on toasted hoagie bread served with a side of seasonal fruit.


Castro's Specialties

Smoked Salmon Board

House cured and smoked salmon, house pickles, Italian capers, dill creme fraiche, deconstructed organic boiled egg, onion bagel, parsley mojo, local Ogo, and sea asparagus


Crab And Shrimp Toast

Fresh crab, wild shrimp, sea asparagus, ogo, smoked paprika aioli, smoked salmon roe, pickled mustard seeds, toasted French baguette,


Avocado Toast

Olive bread, house black bean hummus, avocado, parsley mojo, local radishes, seasonal sprouts, and sweet Peruvian peppers


Meat Tamal

Colombian style meat Tamal Featuring grass fed brisket, seasonal vegetables, sofrito, organic corn, wrapped in banana leaf. Topped with pickled vegetables, roasted mushroom chimichurri, and culantro.


Garden Board

Toasted olive bread, roasted seasonal vegetables, house black bean hummus, house marinated tofu, parsley mojo


Vegan Tamal

Colombian style Tamal. Featuring local seasonal vegetables, organic corn, sofrito, wrapped in local banana leaf, topped with pickled vegetables, roasted mushroom chimichurri, and culantro.




Two shots of espresso and hot water

Cafe Con Leche

Cuban style roasted espresso beans whipped with our house sugar blend, and steamed milk. A Castro's specialty coffee.


Two shots of espresso, steamed milk, topped with micro foam for preference note: "wet" for more steamed milk "dry" for more foam

Castro's House Blend

Castro's house coffee is a blend of Nicaraguan, Colombian, and Maui beans. From Oma Maui Coffee company.


Our specialty coffee, Cuban style roasted beans whisked with a blend of sugars and steamed milk.



Cuban style roasted espresso whipped with our house blend of sugar



* Image shown is iced latte Two shots espresso, steamed or cold milk, with very little to no foam. Also known as Flat White

Italian Cortado

Equal parts espresso to milk. Similar to our Cortadito, however Italian style is not sweet.



Two shots of espresso with chocolate and steamed milk. Abuelita's chocolate is available instead upon request.

Double Espresso

Two shots of our house Italian style roasted espresso beans from Oma Maui


Single Espresso

One shot of our house Italian style roasted espresso beans from Oma Maui


Lunch Sandwiches

Cordero Sandwich

Braised lamb leg, mint chimichurri, house cheese blend, chipotle sesame aioli, farmers market mixed greens, ciabatta bread



Portuguese Lingucia sausage, roasted mushroom chimichurri, pickles red onions, roasted garlic aioli, French baguette



Local Pono pork ham, pork roast, aged white cheddar, house made pickles, roasted garlic aioli, Dijon mustard, Ciabatta bread


Ropa Vieja

12 hour herb crusted grass fed brisket, aged cheddar, sofrito, green goddess aioli, ciabatta bread



Black Beans

Our black beans are vegan, topped with pickled red onion


Side Egg

omelet style baked egg


Toast And Jam

Toasted French baguette two seasonal house made butters, one seasonal house made marmalade


Half Avocado


Side of Linguica Sausage


Side of Brisket


Side Pork Roast


House Pickles

Our house pickles recipe stays the same but what we pickle is constantly changing! A mix of fruits and vegetables we received from our local farmers several times throughout the week.


Roasted Potatoes

Heirloom roasted baby potatoes accompanied by our hour parsley mojo


Side of Bread

Choice of baguette, brioche, or hoagie bread


Black Beans

Our black beans are vegan, topped with pickled red onion


Seasonal Fruit


Tea And Juices

Juice Of The Day

We make one to two fresh local juices daily. Depending on season options vary from lilikoi, guava, dragonfruit, lychee, etc.


Plantation Mate Lilikoi

Yerba Mate brewed in house served iced with lilikoi (also known as passion fruit)


Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate served either hot or iced. Argentinian caffeinated tea brewed in house.