South Broad Cheesesteak Co


20oz Fountain


221 BC Kombucha


Aqua Panna 500ml


Coca Cola Can


Diet Coke Can


Glass Bottle Coke


IBC Root Beer Glass Btl


Liquid Death Berry Me Alive


Liquid Death Mango Chainsaw


San Pellegrino Sparkling


Sprite Can



Deep Dish Apple Pie


Food Menu

Buffalo Chicken Philly

10oz chicken breast, griddled and chopped with american cheese and house madebuffalo sauce


Buffalo Wings

1 pound fried until crispy, tossed in house made buffalo sauce with celery sticks and your choice of house made ranch or blue cheese


Build Your Own Philly


Cajun Fries


Mega Fries

Crispy skin on fries topped with wiz and american cheese, baked to melt and finished with chopped bacon


Parmesan Truffle Fries

Crispy skin on fries, tossed in parmesan cheese, truffle oil and herbs. served with garlic aioli for dipping


Sweet Potato Fries


The "Not a Philly"

10oz shaved ribeye, seared and chopped with mushrooms, peppers,fried onions and american cheese


The Ritzy Philly

10oz shaved ribeye seared and chopped with truffled wiz, caramelized onions


The Schwarbomb

Kyle Schwarber himself couldn't ring the bell with this one....1 and 1/4 pound of shaved ribeye, american and fried onion on a 2ft long roll


The Traditional

10oz shaved ribeye seared and chopped with melted provolone cheese and fried onions


The Wiz Wit

10 oz shaved ribeye seared and chopped with wiz and fried onion


The Wiz Wit Out

10 oz shaved ribeye seared and chopped with wiz