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Kilovolt Coffee

Coffee & Tea

Cafe Au Lait

Hot coffee with steamed milk of choice.

Chai Latte

Coffee Traveler

Includes cups, raw sugar/stevia packets, and Half & Half or milk substitute.


Cold Brew

Fan favorite!

High Voltage Chai

Classic iced Chai with almond milk and topped with Cold Brew.

Hot Chocolate

Premium rich chocolate and fresh steamed milk. Add whipped cream!

Hot Coffee

Bold and sweet for those who prefer darker roasts or just want a simple, straightforward cup of joe. Packs a punch with a rich, pronounced flavor, low acid and plenty of body.

Hot Tea

Selection of Organic Fair Trade Numi Tea.

Iced Tea

Classic Black or Citrus Green.



Filtered water, 100% lemon juice and pure cane sugar.


Matcha Latte




Single Origin Pour Over

Solo brew of single origin coffee, slow extraction, enhanced flavor. 5-7 minutes prep time.



Freshly steamed milk, option to add sweetener.

Golden Latte(turmeric steamer)

Creme Brulee Cold Brew

Rich creamy cold foam and caramelized brown sugar top our single origin cold brew for a new spin on an old fave.

Coffee Refill


Strawberry Matcha

Strawberry purée meets your favorite kind of milk, topped with lots of matcha so you still get that caffeine kick 😉

Espresso Drinks




Con Panna

Espresso with house made whipped cream.





Honey Oat Latte

Oat milk latte sweetened with real honey.


Add Vanilla or Hazelnut!


Made with rich Ghirardelli dark chocolate. Also available as a white mocha. Add whipped cream!

Red Eye

Hot coffee with espresso.

Rose Lavender Latte

Espresso latte with the floral essence of rose.

Salted Caramel Latte

Caramel is back! Rich Ghirardelli caramel meets Maldon sea salt in this Autumn offering. Topped with salt flakes and caramel drizzle.

Traditional Cafe Macchiato


Ube Latte

Sweet and creamy house-made ube sauce drizzled into a classic latte gives a surprising purple twist to your fave drink.

Orange Cream Latte


Bacon Cheddar Scone


Blondie Pecan

This blondie take on a brownie is topped with pecans and semisweet chocolate chips for an extra delicious crunch.



Layers of different types of chocolate for a fudgy, moist and tender texture. Simply irresistible!


Butter Croissant


Chocolate Chip Cookie



Bagel w/Avocado, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

Bagel w/Avocado, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper


Bagel w/Bacon

Bagel w/Bacon


Bagel w/Cream Cheese

Bagel w/Cream Cheese


Bagel w/Hummus

Bagel w/Hummus


Bagel w/Impossible Foods Vegetarian Sausage Patty

Bagel w/Impossible Foods Vegetarian Sausage Patty


Bagel w/Lox, Capers & Dill

Bagel w/Lox, Capers & Dill


Bagel w/Salami, Cheese & Piparra Peppers

Bagel w/Salami, Cheese & Piparra Peppers


Naked Bagel


Bagel w/ Bacon, Egg & Cheese


Bagel w/ Ham, Egg, and Cheese


English Muffins

Egg & Cheese English Muffin

Toasted English muffin, fried egg and cheddar cheese. Option to build your own muffin.


Create your own English Muffin

Build your dream English muffin.


Ham, Cheddar & Egg English Muffin

Toasted English muffin with thick-cut Apple Wood Smoked Ham, fried egg and cheddar cheese.


Impossible Veg Patty, Egg & Cheese English Muffin

Toasted English muffin with Impossible veg patty, fried egg and cheddar cheese.


Granola & Oatmeal


Wheat free. Add yogurt, almond butter and sliced bananas.



Add bananas and walnuts for a hearty breakfast.


Open-Faced Toast

Create Your Own Toast

Choose your bread. Add your favorite spread and toppings.


Side Bacon


Side Egg


Side Impossible Veggie Sausage


Vive Le Toast

Ripe Avocado, Pickled Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Sprouts, Served on a Slice of Pane di Altamura



The Chester

Garlic Herb Turkey, Avocado, Clover Sprouts, Swiss Cheese. Includes tomato, onion, cucumber, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, oil, & vinegar. Comes with pickle.


Beefy Boi

Roast beef with provolone, tomato, onion, microgreens, wasabi horseradish, mayo, oil, vineagar, salt and pepper


The Magnolia

Vegan pastrami with tomato, onion, cucumber, greens, sprouts, vegan mayo, mustard, oil, vineagar, salt, and pepper


Ham and Cheese Baguette

A French classic with a twist! Ham, butter, and aged English cheddar on a fresh baked baguette.


Chips & Bananas




Grapefruit Spindrift


Green Supreme Voila Juice


Just Water


Lemon Spindrift


Jarrito-assorted flavor


Orange Passion Voila Juice

Orange and passion fruit juice.


Orange Voila Juice


Peach Dream Smoothy

Pressed apple, peach puree, coconut milk, creamed coconut, peach, pineapple juice and lime juice.


Raspberry Lime Spindrift


Strawberry Paradise Smoothy Voila Juice


Synergy Trilogy Kombucha

Tart raspberry combined with bright squeezes of lemon and a bite of fresh-pressed ginger.


Topo Chico


Topo Chico Lime


Watermelon Wonder Kombucha

Summery splashes of watermelon with tart notes of cherry and lime.


Merch & Beans

Burundi Women's Harvest Grand Coffee Beans 12oz

Single origin. Base of caramel sweetness and vanilla. Fruit notes of orange, lime, kaya, cherry. Wash processed.


Ethiopia Abiyot Ageze Single Origin Beans Grand Coffee 12oz

While we don't often like to be hyperbolic when talking about coffee, this one is an absolute stunner. Thanks to its natural processing, the aroma of this coffee bursts with a tropical sweetness that stops us in our tracks when we first tried it. In the cup it smacks of hard candy, dried strawberries, and cherries with beautiful depth, vibrant acidity, and a light tannic quality.


Kinto Tumbler Cup Black 7oz

Soft curving forms fit comfortably in your hands, and the texture of clay around the rim adds a sleek touch.


KV Beanie


KV Patch Large


KV Sticker


Las Pilas Espresso Grand Coffee 12oz

Blend of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, and a touch of halva swirled together. Tastes like the rich excess of melted ice cream. 100% women grown!


Lights On Grand Coffee Beans 12oz

For those who prefer darker roasts or just want a simple straightforward cup of joe. Packs a punch with a rich, pronounced flavor, low acid and plenty of body. 100% women grown!


Mild Child Decaf Beans Grand Coffee 12oz

Medium roast, all around easy cup! Enjoy the flavor and nuance of our other coffees without needing to worry about the jitters of caffeine.



Show your allegiance to Kilovolt in style.


Ugly Sweater Seasonal Beans Grand Coffee 12oz

Ugly sweater is back and even warmer and fuzzier this year. Last year's take on our winter tradition tasted like rum-soaked fruitcake and it was such a hit at the party we decided to do the same this year. Warm up your hands and soul with this coffee that accompanies anything from tamales to turkey to capirotada to butter cookies to black eyed peas to pecan pie.


Kinto Amber Glass Mug-7 oz


Kinto Double Wall Espresso Cup


Kinto Double Wall Mug-10 oz


Kinto Glass Handle Mug-16 oz


Kinto Ceramic Mug-Green+Yellow 10 oz