Prime Burger background image

Prime Burger


Prime Burger

Ground fresh daily (prime brisket, chuck and sirloin)


image of Prime Burger

Double Prime Burger

Ground fresh daily (prime brisket, chuck and sirloin)


image of Double Prime Burger

Steakhouse Burger

Prime Burger w/ Pete Luger Steak Sauce and scallions


image of Steakhouse Burger

Turkey Burger


image of Turkey Burger

Veggie Burger


image of Veggie Burger

Salmon Burger


image of Salmon Burger

Chicken Sandwich

100% all natural chicken


image of Chicken Sandwich



Choice of flour or spinach wrap


image of Wrap

Philly Cheese

Philly Cheese

Thinly Sliced Steak, Grilled Onions, Red & Green Peppers, Melted American Cheese, Mayo, Wedge


image of Philly Cheese


Garden Salad

Organic salad mix, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, croutons. Choose your dressing and protein.


image of Garden Salad


Grilled Cheese


image of Grilled Cheese

Hot Dog


image of Hot Dog

Cheese Sauce


Chicken Tenders

Fresh all white meat


image of Chicken Tenders

Lobster Roll


image of Lobster Roll

Cup of Chili



French Fries


image of French Fries

Onion Rings


image of Onion Rings

Sweet Potato Fries


image of Sweet Potato Fries

Tater Tots


image of Tater Tots

Waffle Fries


image of Waffle Fries


Black & White Shake


image of Black & White Shake

Chocolate Shake


image of Chocolate Shake

Oreo Shake


image of Oreo Shake

Strawberry Shake


image of Strawberry Shake

Vanilla Shake


image of Vanilla Shake


Juice Box


Bottled Water


Delivery Fountain Drink