Island Bagels

Single Bagels

Plain Bagel


image of Plain Bagel

Blueberry Bagel


image of Blueberry Bagel

Asiago Bagel


image of Asiago Bagel

Cheddar Bagel


image of Cheddar Bagel

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel


image of Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Egg Bagel


image of Egg Bagel

Everything Bagel


image of Everything Bagel

Jalapeno Bagel


image of Jalapeno Bagel

Multigrain Bagel


image of Multigrain Bagel

Onion Bagel


image of Onion Bagel

Poppy Bagel


image of Poppy Bagel

Pumpernickel Bagel


image of Pumpernickel Bagel

Sesame Seed Bagel


image of Sesame Seed Bagel

Wheat Bagel


image of Wheat Bagel

Breakfast Sandwiches

Served on your choice of bagel, or toast.

Egg, Cheese & Meat Bagelwich

Your choice of cheese, meat, and bagel


image of Egg, Cheese & Meat Bagelwich

Egg Bagelwich

Your choice of bagel


image of Egg Bagelwich

Egg & Cheese Bagelwich

Your choice of bagel and cheese


image of Egg & Cheese Bagelwich

Meat Bagelwich

Your choice of meat and bagel


image of Meat Bagelwich

Egg & Meat Bagelwich

Your choice of meat and bagel


image of Egg & Meat Bagelwich

Meat & Cheese Bagelwich

Your choice of meat and cheese


image of Meat & Cheese Bagelwich

Nova Lox

Cream cheese, smoked lox, capers, onion, and tomato, served on your choice of bagel.


image of Nova Lox

Smokey Island

Smoked salmon, egg, American cheese, on a croissant


image of Smokey Island

Egg, Avocado, Roasted Peppers

Your choice of bagel


image of Egg,  Avocado, Roasted Peppers

Avocado Egg Tomato

Served on a croissant


image of Avocado Egg Tomato


All Omelettes are made with fresh farm eggs, and served with your choice of home fries, tater tots, or hashbrowns, and toast.

Plain Omelette


image of Plain Omelette

Ham Omelette


image of Ham Omelette

Bacon Omelette


image of Bacon Omelette

Pork Roll Omelette


image of Pork Roll Omelette

Sausage Omelette


image of Sausage Omelette

Western Omelette


image of Western Omelette

Spinach & Feta Omelette


image of Spinach & Feta Omelette

Garden Omelette

Spinach, mushroom, onions & tomatoes


image of Garden Omelette

From the Griddle

Add fresh blueberries, strawberries, Nutella, or chocolate chips for $3.75 each.

Choc Chip Pancakes


image of Choc Chip Pancakes

Short Stack Pancakes


image of Short Stack Pancakes

Toasted Nut


image of Toasted Nut



image of Pancakes

French Toast


image of French Toast

Parfait & Fruit

Fruit Cup


image of Fruit Cup



image of Parfait


Served with French Fries

Grilled Cheese


image of Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese & Bacon


image of Grilled Cheese & Bacon



image of BLT

Avocado BLT


image of Avocado BLT

Sides Orders

Side Bacon


image of Side Bacon

Side Sausage


image of Side Sausage

Side Ham


image of Side Ham

Side Pork Roll


image of Side Pork Roll

Side Scrapple


image of Side Scrapple

Side Turkey Sausage


image of Side Turkey Sausage

Side Home Fries


image of Side Home Fries

Side Hashbrowns


image of Side Hashbrowns

Side Tater Tots


image of Side Tater Tots

Side French Fries


image of Side French Fries

Side 2 Eggs




image of Toast

Hot Drinks

Small Coffee


image of Small Coffee

Large Coffee


image of Large Coffee

Single Espresso


image of Single Espresso

Double Espresso


image of Double Espresso

Small Cappuccino


image of Small Cappuccino

Large Cappuccino


image of Large Cappuccino

Small Latte


image of Small Latte

Large Latte


image of Large Latte

Small Hot Tea


image of Small Hot Tea

Large Hot Tea


image of Large Hot Tea

Hot Chocolate


image of Hot Chocolate

Cold Drinks

Juice Bottle


image of Juice Bottle



image of Soda

Water Bottle


image of Water Bottle

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


image of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice



image of Starbucks

Cold Brew


image of Cold Brew

Iced Coffee


image of Iced Coffee

Iced Latte (22 oz)


image of Iced Latte (22 oz)

Pure Leaf Iced Tea


image of Pure Leaf Iced Tea



image of Milk

Choco Milk Bottle


image of Choco Milk Bottle

Energy Drink


image of Energy Drink



image of Gatorade



image of Joyba




Smoothie w/ Rum


~Add Shot to Coffee~

Add Shot