Bangkok Kitchen


A-1 Springroll


A-2 Satay Chicken


A-3 Seafood Rangoon


A-4 Tod Mun

A-5 Princess Shrimp


A-6 Fried Tofu


A-7 Fried Chicken Wings


A-8 Dad Deaw


A-09 E-San Sausage


A-10 Gahree Puff


A-11 Broccoli Chix Cheese Roll


A-12 Beef Skewers


A-13 Moo Wan


A-14 Cucumber Salad

A-15 Summer Rolls

A-16 Fried Wontons


A-17 House Salad


A-18 Chive Dumplings


A-19 Pot Stickers


A-20 Bangkok Chicken Strips



Thai Iced Tea


Iced Coconut Juice




Thai Coffee




Bottle Water


Diet Coke


Curry (Dinner)

C-1 Gang Dinner

C-2 Gang Kheow Wan Dinner

C-3 Gang Gahree Dinner

C-4 Gang Ped Dinner

C-5 Massamun Curry Dinner

C-6 Panang Curry Dinner

C-7 Pad Nam Prik Pow Dinner

C-8 Gang Pa Dinner

C-9 Curry Nut Dinner

C-10 Gang Pak Dinner

Curry (Lunch)

C-1 Gang Lunch

C-2 Gang Kheow Wan Lunch

C-3 Gang Gahree Lunch

C-4 Gang Ped Lunch

C-5 Massamun Curry Lunch

C-6 Panang Curry Lunch

C-7 Pad Nam Prik Pow Lunch

C-8 Gang Pa Lunch

C-9 Curry Nut Lunch

C-10 Gang Pak Lunch


Thai Custard


Thai Fried Ice Cream


Coconut Ice Cream


Banana Dumpling


Bouy Loi


Entrees (Dinner)

E-1 Pad Prik Dinner

E-2 Thai Style Pad Kra Prow Dinner

E-2 Pad Kra Prow Dinner

E-3 Pad Pak Dinner

E-4 Pad Cashew Dinner

E-5 Pad Almond Dinner

E-6 Pad Khing Dinner

E-7 Pad Preow Wan Dinner

E-8 Sam Sahai Dinner


E-9 Garlic Dish Dinner

E-10 Peapod & Babycorn Dinner

E-11 Pad Broccoli Dinner

E-12 Pad Normai Dinner

E-13 Bangkok Spicy Dinner

E-14 Peanut Sesame Dinner

E-15 pad Prik Khing Dinner

E-16 Bangkok Steak Dinner


E-17 Crispy Chix W/Ginger Dinner

E-18 Honey Nut Chicken Dinner

E-19 Chu Chee Dinner

E-20 Pad Pineapple Dinner

E-21 Thai Omelette


E-22 Eggplant Lad Prik Dinner


Entrees (Lunch)

E-1 Pad Prik Lunch

E-2 Pad Kra Prow Lunch

E-2 Thai Style Pad Kra Prow Lunch

E-3 Pad Pak Lunch

E-4 Pad Cashew Lunch

E-5 Pad Almond Lunch

E-6 Pad Khing Lunch

E-7 Pad Preow Wan Lunch

E-8 Sam Sahai Lunch


E-9 Garlic Dish Lunch

E-10 Peapod & Babycorn Lunch

E-11 Pad Broccoli Lunch

E-12 Pad Normai Lunch

E-13 Bangkok Spicy Lunch

E-14 Peanut Sesame Lunch

E-15 pad Prik Khing Lunch

E-16 Bangkok Steak Lunch


E-17 Crispy Chix W/Ginger Lunch

E-18 Honey Nut Chicken Lunch

E-19 Chu Chee Lunch

E-20 Pad Pineapple Lunch

E-22 Eggplant Lad Prik Lunch


E-21 Thai Omelette


Extra Meat

*Extra Scallop*

*Extra Pork*

*Extra Seafood*

*Extra Chicken*

*Extra Squid*

*Extra Shrimp*

*Extra Tofu*

*Extra Beef*

Fish (Dinner)

F-1 Gang Pla Dook Dinner


F-2 Pla Dook Pad Ped Country Dinner


F-3 Pla Lad Prik Dinner


F-4 Pla Jien Dinner


F-5 Pla Preow Wan Dinner


F-6 Pla Dook Pad Ped Thai Dinner


F-7 Fried Tilapia Fish Filet Dinner


F-7 Fried Tilapia Fish Whole Dinner


F-8 Pla Sam Rod Dinner


Fish (Lunch)

F-1 Gang Pla Dook Lunch


F-2 Pla Dook Pad Ped Country Lunch


F-3 Pla Lad Prik Lunch


F-4 Pla Jien Lunch


F-5 Pla Preow Wan Lunch


F-6 Pla Dook Pad Ped Thai Lunch


F-8 Pla Sam Rod Lunch


F-7 Fried Tilapia Fish Filet Lunch


F-7 Fried Tilapia Fish Whole Lunch


Fried Rice (Dinner)

R-1 Khao Pad Dinner

R-2 Khao Pad Pong Gahree Dinner

R-3 Khao Pad Kra Prow Dinner

R-4 Pineapple Fried Rice Dinner

R-5 Khao Pad Pak Dinner

R-6 Prik Pow Fried Rice Dinner

R-7 Hawaiian Fried Rice Dinner

R-8 Bangkok Fried Rice Dinner

R-9 Chefs Special Fried Rice Dinner

Fried Rice (Lunch)

R-1 Khao Pad Lunch

R-2 Khao Pad Pong Gahree Lunch

R-3 Khao Pad Kra Prow Lunch

R-4 Pineapple Fried Rice Lunch

R-5 Khao Pad Pak Lunch

R-6 Prik Pow Fried Rice Lunch

R-7 Hawaiian Fried Rice Lunch

R-8 Bangkok Fried Rice Lunch

R-9 Chefs Special Fried Rice Lunch

Lunch Special Apps and Substitute Soups (Only 1 app and/or 1 soup with 1 lunch meal before 3:00 pm)

Lunch Broccoli Chix Cheese Roll


Lunch Springroll


Lunch Princess Shrimp


Sub Wonton Soup Bowl


Sub Tom Kha Soup Cup


Lunch Hot&Sour Soup Cup

Sub Tom Kha Soup Bowl


Sub Tom Yum Soup Bowl


Sub Hot&Sour Soup Bowl


Sub Wonton Soup Cup


Sub Tom Yum Soup Cup


Lunch Seafood Rangoon


Noodles (Dinner)

N-1 Pad Thai Dinner

N-2 Pad See-Ewe Dinner

N-3 Lad Na Dinner

N-4 Pad Kee Mao Dinner

N-5 Pad Woonsen Dinner

N-6 Guay Tiew Dinner

N-7 Thai Lo Mein Dinner

N-8 Ba Mee Lad Na Dinner

N-9 Gai Kua Dinner

N-10 Spaghetti Kee Mao Dinner

N-11 Spaghetti Curry Dinner

N-12 Pad Korat Dinner

Noodles (Lunch)

N-1 Pad Thai Lunch

N-2 Pad See-Ewe Lunch

N-3 Lad Na Lunch

N-4 Pad Kee Mao Lunch

N-5 Pad Woonsen Lunch

N-6 Guay Tiew Lunch

N-7 Thai Lo Mein Lunch

N-8 Ba Mee Lad Na Lunch

N-9 Gai Kua Lunch

N-10 Spaghetti Kee Mao Lunch

N-11 Spaghetti Curry Lunch

N-12 Pad Korat Lunch


Yum Woonsen Party Tray


Laab Party Tray


Curry Party Tray


Noodle Party Tray


Entree Party Tray


Yum Party Tray


Satay Party Tray (25)


Papaya Salad Party Tray


Cucumber Salad Party Tray


House Salad Party Tray


Fried Rice Party Tray


Springroll Party Tray (25)


Nam Tok Party Tray



SA-4 Laab Lunch

SA-5 Nam Tok Dinner

SA-4 Laab Dinner

SA-3 Yum Woonsen Lunch

SA-5 Nam Tok Lunch

SA-2 Yum Salad Dinner

SA-1 Papaya Salad


SA-2 Yum Salad Lunch

SA-3 Yum Woonsen Dinner

Seafood (Dinner)

SE-1 Pad Thalay Dinner


SE-2 Mussels Dinner


SE-3 Hawaiian Combo Dinner


SE-4 Angry Shrimp Dinner


SE-5 Seafood Combination Dinner


SE-6 Seafood Curry Dinner


Seafood (Lunch)

SE-1 Pad Thalay Lunch


SE-2 Mussels Lunch


SE-3 Hawaiian Combo Lunch


SE-4 Angry Shrimp Lunch


SE-5 Seafood Combination Lunch


SE-6 Seafood Curry Lunch



Side Tiny Noodles


Side FR Beef 4.75


Quart White Rice


Xtra Sauce SM


Side FR Pk/Veg 6.25


Side Fried Rice


Side Sauce SM


Side Lomein Noodles


Side Curry Sauce SM


Side FR Chicken 4.75


Side FR Veg 4.75


Side Pad Thai Noodles


Side Woonsen Noodles


Side FR Shrimp 5.50


Xtra Sauce LG


Side Peanut Sauce MD


Side FR Scallops 5.50


Side FR SFD/Veg 6.75


Side FR Pork 4.75


Side FR Ck/Veg 6.25


Side Sticky Rice


Side Thick Noodles


Xtra Sauce MD


Side Crispy Lomein Noodles


Side Peanut Sauce LG


Side Peanut Sauce Sm


Side Curry Sauce MD


Side Sauce MD


Side FR Bf/Veg 6.25


Side Sauce LG


Side FR Squid 5.50


Open Food

Pint White Rice



S-3 Sm Hot&Sour Soup

S-3 Md Hot&Sour Soup

S-3 Lg Hot&Sour Soup

S-1 Md Tom Yum

S-1 Lg Tom Yum

S-4 Md Wonton Soup


S-2 Md Tom Kha

S-2 Lg Tom Kha

S-1 Sm Tom Yum

S-4 Sm Wonton Soup


S-2 Sm Tom Kha

S-4 Lg Wonton Soup