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Beffa's Bar & Restaurant


2700 Olive St , Saint Louis, MO


Sides & appetizers


Goat cheese, beets, lettuce mix, balsamic vinaigrette


image of Salad

Chef's Dessert Special

Ask about our dessert special


French Fries

Crispy fries, house seasoning


image of French Fries

Cup Soup


Bowl of Soup


Boneless Wings

Eight boneless wings, chipotle honey or buffalo sauce


Red Hot Riplets

Old Vienna potato chips


image of Red Hot Riplets

Toasted Ravioli

Eight toasted ravioli, marinara sauce


image of Toasted Ravioli


Burgers & Sandwiches

Classic Smash

Single beef patty, white american cheese, pickle, onion, brioche bun


image of Classic Smash

Reuben Sandwich


image of Reuben Sandwich

Frisco Smash

Single beef patty, white american cheese, swiss cheese, 1,000 island, sourdough bread


image of Frisco Smash

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Crispy chicken tossed in your choice of hot honey or buffalo sauce, ranch, lettuce mix, flour tortilla


image of Crispy Chicken Wrap

Grilled Cheese

White american cheese, swiss cheese, sourdough bread


Italian Wrap

Salami, pepperoni, provolone, tomato, lettuce mix, Italian dressing, flour tortilla


image of Italian Wrap

Spicy Smash

Single beef patty, white american cheese, spicy aioli, crushed riplets, pickle, onion, brioche bun


image of Spicy Smash


Chicken Delight Pizza

White sauce with chicken, spinach, bacon, light onion, mushroom, and cheese


image of Chicken Delight Pizza

Deluxe Pizza

Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, onion, green pepper, special blend of cheese


image of Deluxe Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Olive oil, fresh tomato, and basil with mozzarella cheese


image of Margherita Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza

Sausage, pepperoni, bacon


image of Meat Lovers Pizza

Soft Drinks

Arnold Palmer


Bottled Water


Club Soda




Coke Bottle


Coke Can


Cold Brew


Cold Foam Coffee


Cranberry Juice


Diet Coke Can


Ginger Ale


Ginger Beer


Hot Tea


Iced Mocha Coffee


Iced Tea


Lemonade Bottle




Orange Juice


Pineapple Juice


Red Bull - Regular


Red Bull - Sugar Free


Sprite Can




Retail Items

Beffa's T-Shirt