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If an item isn't available, please call us (314-942-7000) to check on its availability as we cook fresh throughout the day and restock often. In order to provide the finest BBQ in St. Louis, we make our products daily. With that in mind, occasionally we'll run low due to demand. For Bulk/Large purchases, please call us directly and place the order with one of our employees. 314-942-7000. Thank you always for your support and business!

Brisket Sandwich (Beef)


image of Brisket Sandwich (Beef)

Mann Candy Sandwich

We remove the points of our smoked brisket, cube it into bite size pieces, lightly sauce them, and return to the grill until the sauce caramelizes and becomes melt in your mouth tender.


image of Mann Candy Sandwich

Whole Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf (2 hour notice/pre-order only)

2 lbs of our signature Mann Burger meat mixed with tomato paste, bread crumbs, egg, onion, misc. seasonings, wrapped in bacon, then grilled/smoked, and glazed with sauce. Always available as a preorder with 2 hour notice, and sometimes available on random days.


image of Whole Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf (2 hour notice/pre-order only)

1/2 Slab Baby Back Ribs

1/2 Meaty slab of Baby back Ribs, Seasoned, slow smoked, wrapped, and fall off the bone tender, with sauce on the side.


image of 1/2 Slab Baby Back Ribs

Whole Slab Baby Back Ribs

Full Meaty slab of Baby back Ribs, Seasoned, slow smoked, wrapped, and fall off the bone tender, with sauce on the side.


image of Whole Slab Baby Back Ribs

Chicken Burger

We grind fresh chicken breast and thighs in house, mix it with our signature season and cheese, patty into 6 ounce portions, then grilled/smoked until internal temp of 165 and golden brown. ***pic shown with additional cheese***


image of Chicken Burger

Pulled Chicken Sand

Slow smoked seasoned chicken, pulled fresh per order to ensure freshness and served juicy. Sauce on the side.


image of Pulled Chicken Sand

Extra BBQ Sauce (1 oz. portion)


5.5 ounce BBQ sauce


Queso (2 ounce portion)


Queso (5.5 ounce portion)


Loaded Queso Nacho's

Styrofoam to-go box filled with a healthy portion of warm tortilla chips, your choice of Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Chopped Brisket or Mann Candy(Burnt Ends) 4 oz. portion cup of Queso Cheese, 2 oz. black olives, 2 oz. banana peppers, or sliced pickled Jalapeños. Add additional garnishing's as you wish, some are free, some are an upcharge. Served as a kit, so you can heat it up at home, so the nachos wont get soggy, and the cheese will be consumed while hot. (We can serve your cheese to you hot upon request)


Side Items

If Item says unavailable, its likely that's its not immediately available or is still cooking. Please call to confirm. 314-942-7000

6 Hamburger/Brat buns


Baked Beans


Baked Potato (16oz.+)

16 oz potato covered with butter and melted cheese. Get it Loaded! (Option to load it with your choice of Brisket, Mann Candy, Pulled Pork, or Pulled Chicken.)


image of Baked Potato (16oz.+)

Cheesy Potatoes


Cole Slaw


Grilled Butter Potatoes (3-4 Pieces)


Peach Cobbler


image of Peach Cobbler

Potato Salad


Smoked Sweet Corn (2)



Chef Salad





image of Pepsi

Diet Pepsi


image of Diet Pepsi

Peach Crush


image of Peach Crush

Wild Cherry Pepsi


image of Wild Cherry Pepsi

Mountain Dew


image of Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew


image of Diet Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Code Red


image of Mountain Dew Code Red

Dr. Pepper


image of Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Zero


image of Dr. Pepper Zero

Root Beer (Mug)


image of Root Beer (Mug)

Brisk Tea (Lemon)


image of Brisk Tea (Lemon)



image of Starry

Orange Crush


image of Orange Crush

Grape Crush


image of Grape Crush

Strawberry Crush


image of Strawberry Crush

Gatorade (White Cherry)


image of Gatorade (White Cherry)

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12.5 oz. Mann Meats Rub


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