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Whistling Kettle Albany


1205 Broadway, Albany, NY


Arnold Palmer


image of Arnold Palmer


image of Coffee

Coffee for a crowd (96oz)


image of Coffee for a crowd (96oz)

Hot Tea


image of Hot Tea

Hot Tea for a crowd (96oz)


image of Hot Tea for a crowd (96oz)

Iced Tea Custom


image of Iced Tea Custom



image of Latte

London Fog


image of London Fog

Matcha Latte


image of Matcha Latte

Raspberry Lemonade


image of Raspberry Lemonade



image of Lemonade

Iced Tea on Tap


image of Iced Tea on Tap

Matcha Sunset Lemonade


image of Matcha Sunset Lemonade

Water To Go


Tea Quenchers

Happy Quencher

Happy caffeinated herbal tea, strawberry puree & lemonade


image of Happy Quencher

Hibiscus Guava Quencher

Strawberry hibiscus fruit tea, guava puree & lemonade


image of Hibiscus Guava Quencher

Passionfruit Quencher

Black tea, passionfruit puree & lemonade


image of Passionfruit Quencher

Peach Quencher

Black tea, peach puree & lemonade


image of Peach Quencher

Pineapple Green Quencher

Golden starfruit green tea, pineapple puree & lemonade


image of Pineapple Green Quencher

Strawberry Quencher

Black tea, strawberry puree & lemonade


image of Strawberry Quencher

Food & Bakery

Chocolate Muffin


image of Chocolate Muffin



image of Croissant

Crumb Cake


image of Crumb Cake



image of Scones