Bang Bang Shrimp


image of Bang Bang Shrimp

Chicken Wings


image of Chicken Wings

Crispy Tuna


image of Crispy Tuna



image of Edamame

Miso Soup


image of Miso Soup

Papaya Lettuce Wrap


image of Papaya Lettuce Wrap

Seaweed Salad


image of Seaweed Salad

Squid Seaweed Salad


image of Squid Seaweed Salad

Tuna Tar Tar


image of Tuna Tar Tar


Bi Bim Bop

Marinated steak, egg, rice, gochujang sauce, pickled vegetable, kimchi.


image of Bi Bim Bop

Bohemian Chickie

Grilled chicken, Japanese rice, chickpeas, pickled carrots, roasted pepper, toasted almonds, homemade coconut milk curry.


image of Bohemian Chickie

Lao Lemongrass

BBQ pork belly, rice, pickled kimchi, beansprouts, spicy teriyaki, cucumber, homemade coconut milk curry.


image of Lao Lemongrass

Chike Roll

Alaskan Roll

Fried salmon, avocado, cream cheese, shrimp sauce, teriyaki, sesame seeds.


image of Alaskan Roll

Avocado Roll

Sesame seeds.


California Roll

Crab stick, masago, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds.


image of California Roll

Caterpillar Roll

Tempura shrimp, asparagus, eel & avocado on top, tobiko, sesame seeds.


Crispy Salmon Roll

Battered salmon, eel, asparagus, cream cheese, masago, sesame seeds, scallion, sriracha, shrimp sauce, teriyaki.


Cucumber Roll

Sesame seeds.


Mangosteen Roll

Tuna, salmon, snapper, white tuna, crab, asparagus, cream cheese, tobiko, scallion, teriyaki, sesame seeds.


image of Mangosteen Roll

Mexican Roll

Tempura shrimp, asparagus, sriracha, masago, shrimp sauce, teriyaki, scallion, sesame seeds.


image of Mexican Roll

Millipede Roll

Crab stick, cucumber, tuna, avocado, scallions, tobiko, sesame seeds.


image of Millipede Roll

Philly Roll

Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds.


Rainbow Roll

Crab stick, avocado, cucumber, salmon, tuna, snapper, scallions, sesame seeds.


image of Rainbow Roll

Seared Beef Roll

Seared rare beef, peppercorn, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, sesame seeds, chili oil.


Snapper Roll

Fried snapper, avocado, cream cheese, shrimp sauce, teriyaki, sesame seeds.


image of Snapper Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Cucumber, scallion, sriracha, sesame seeds.


image of Spicy Tuna Roll

Spider Roll

Tempura soft shell crab, asparagus, sriracha, masago, shrimp sauce, teriyaki, sesame seeds.


Volcano Roll

California roll, baked spicy salmon, sesame seeds, masago, shrimp sauce, teriyaki, scallion.


image of Volcano Roll

Wild River Roll

Tempura shrimp, asparagus, salmon, avocado, scallions, masago, sesame seeds.



Pineapple Cake


image of Pineapple Cake

Mango Sticky Rice


image of Mango Sticky Rice


Duck Dumplings

Deep Fried


image of Duck Dumplings

Edamame Dumplings


image of Edamame Dumplings

Pork Dumplings


image of Pork Dumplings

Shrimp Dumplings


image of Shrimp Dumplings

Spicy Pork Dumplings


image of Spicy Pork Dumplings

From The Grill

Curry Shrimp

Grilled shrimp, roasted vegetable medley, coconut milk curry, balsamic drizzle.


image of Curry Shrimp

Miso Salmon

Grilled salmon, sauteed shiitake mushroom, asparagus tip garnish, white rice, miso broth, balsamic glaze.


image of Miso Salmon

Spicy Steak Sandwich

Marinated Korean savory steak, goat cheese, pickled daikon & carrots, spicy mayo, french fries.


image of Spicy Steak Sandwich

From The Wok

Drunken Noodle

Stir fry rice noodles, chicken, basil, scallion, onion, bell pepper, egg, coconut milk curry.


image of Drunken Noodle

Mangosteen Noodle

Stir fry rice noodles, chicken, basil, scallion, onion, bell pepper, soy bean sauce, egg, beansprouts.


image of Mangosteen Noodle

Pad Lao

Siry fry rice noodles, chicken, beansprouts, scallion, egg, peanuts, sweet and sour sauce.


image of Pad Lao

Shanghai Fried Rice

Chicken, peas, carrots, yellow onions, egg.


image of Shanghai Fried Rice


Fruit Queen

Mangosteen nectar, fresh lemon, sugar.


Thai Iced Tea

Black tea, star anise, cream/oat milk.


The Saint

Peach, mint, lime, spritz.



Crab Stick


Ebi Shrimp








Smoked Salmon






image of Tuna




Caesar Salad

image of Caesar Salad

Goat & Pear Salad

image of Goat & Pear Salad

Mangosteen House Salad

image of Mangosteen House Salad


Side of Balsamic Dressing


Side of Bang Sauce


Side of Caesar Dressing


Side of Chili Oil


Side of Ginger Dressing


Side of Gochujang


Side of Lao Hot Sauce


Side of Peanut Sauce


Side of Red Curry


Side of Shrimp Sauce


Side of Spicy Mayo


Side of Eel Sauce


Side of Ponzu


Side of Spicy Ponzu


Curry Sauce


Lao Hot Sauce



Side Cucumber Salad


image of Side Cucumber Salad

Side Fried Rice


Side French Fries


Side Vegetables


Side Kimchi


Side Duck


Side Pork Belly


Side White Rice


Side Bread


Side Fried Egg


Soft Drinks

Aqua Panna




Soft Drink



American Red Snapper


image of American Red Snapper

Crispy Duck


Crunchy Roll


Sushi Special


Spring Rolls

Chicken Spring Roll


image of Chicken Spring Roll

Lao Pork Spring Roll


Veggie Spring Roll


Fresh Roll


image of Fresh Roll


Specialty tacos come two to an order and are served with a small side salad. Sorry no mix & matching tacos at this time. Corn tortilla available upon request.

Chicken Taco

Turmeric spiced grilled chicken, pickled papaya, carrots & daikon, lettuce, shrimp sauce, cilantro, sesame seeds.


image of Chicken Taco

Duck Taco

Roasted duck, pickled carrots & daikon, shrimp sauce, cilantro, sesame seeds.


Fish Taco

Catch of the day, mango, shrimp sauce, pickled carrots & daikon, sesame seeds, cilantro.


image of Fish Taco

Shrimp Taco

Grilled shrimp, mango, pickled carrots & daikon, shrimp sauce, sesame seeds, cilantro.


Spicy Korean BBQ Taco

Spicy beef, pickled carrots & daikon, shrimp sauce, cilantro, kimchi, sesame seeds.


image of Spicy Korean BBQ Taco


Chicken Breast Yaki


image of Chicken Breast Yaki

Fish Yaki


Pork Belly Yaki


Shrimp Yakitori


Steak Yaki


Tofu + Veggie Yaki