Coney Island Drive Inn - Largo background image

Coney Island Drive Inn - Largo


Bottled Water


Frosti Cherry Limeade Soda


Frosty Rootbeer


image of Frosty Rootbeer

Frosty Blue Cream


image of Frosty Blue Cream

4 pac Frostie


image of  4 pac Frostie


All American Burger


image of All American Burger

Carolina Q Burger


image of Carolina Q Burger

Chicken Sandwich


image of Chicken Sandwich

Fish Sandwich


image of Fish Sandwich

Round Chopped BBQ Pork


image of Round Chopped BBQ Pork

Texas Burger


image of Texas Burger


Small Fry


image of Small Fry

Large Fry


Small Cheese Fries


image of Small Cheese Fries

Large Cheese Fries


image of Large Cheese Fries

Small Chili Cheese Fries


image of Small Chili Cheese Fries

Large Chili Cheese Fries


Small Coney Cheese Fries


image of Small Coney Cheese Fries

Large Coney Cheese Fries


Small Mexican Fries


Large Mexican Fries


LG Side Cheese


Onion Rings


image of Onion Rings

Pickle Spears


image of Pickle Spears

Fried Okra


image of Fried Okra



image of Poutine

Gravy Fries


Side Blue Cheese


Side Ranch


Side Chili


Side Coney Sauce


Side of Slaw


20oz Slaw


32oz Slaw


World Famous Chicken Wings

Boneless Wings


image of Boneless Wings

Traditional Wings


image of Traditional Wings

World Famous Hot Dogs

Corn Dog Long


image of Corn Dog Long

Long Chicago Dog


image of Long Chicago Dog

Long Chili & Onion


image of Long Chili & Onion

Long Coney Sauce & Onion


image of Long Coney Sauce & Onion

Long Dog


Long Gator Dog


Long Kraut & Mustard


image of Long Kraut & Mustard

Long Mustard & Onion


image of Long Mustard & Onion

Long Norms Big Dog


image of Long Norms Big Dog

Long New Yorker


image of Long New Yorker

Long Reuben Dog


image of Long Reuben Dog

Long Sausage Dog


Long Slaw Dog


image of Long Slaw Dog

Long Taco Dog


image of Long Taco Dog

Short Chicago Dog


image of Short Chicago Dog

Short Chili & Onion


image of Short Chili & Onion

Short Coney Sauce & Onion


image of Short Coney Sauce & Onion

Short Corn Dog


image of Short Corn Dog

Short Dog


Short Gator Dog


image of Short Gator Dog

Short Hot Dog No Bun


Short Kraut & Mustard


image of Short Kraut & Mustard

Short Mustard & Onion


image of Short Mustard & Onion

Short Norms Big Dog


image of Short Norms Big Dog

Short New Yorker


image of Short New Yorker

Short Reuben Dog


image of Short Reuben Dog

Short Sausage Dog


image of Short Sausage Dog

Short Slaw Dog


image of Short Slaw Dog

Short Taco Dog


image of Short Taco Dog