The Sweet Basil


2 Ltr Pepsi Zero


2 Ltr Mountain Dew


2 Ltr Root Beer


2 Ltr Pepsi


Bottled Water


Apple Juice




Diet Pepsi


Mountain Dew


Hot Cocoa


Hot Tea


Root Beer








Raspberry Tea


Seltzer Water




Unsweetened Ice Tea



1 Lb Boneless Wings


image of 1 Lb Boneless Wings

1/2 Lb Boneless Wings


image of 1/2 Lb Boneless Wings

Homemade Bruschetta


image of Homemade Bruschetta

Crab Dip


image of Crab Dip



image of Greens&Beans

Nacho Brisket


image of Nacho Brisket

Loaded Fries


image of Loaded Fries

Mozzarella Sticks


image of Mozzarella Sticks

Reuben Egg Rolls


image of Reuben Egg Rolls

Cup Soup


image of Cup Soup

Deep Fried Brussel


image of Deep Fried Brussel


10 Wings


image of 10 Wings

20 Wings


image of 20 Wings

30 wings


image of 30 wings

40 Wings


image of 40 Wings

50 Wings


image of 50 Wings

10 Chargrilled Wings


image of 10 Chargrilled Wings

20 Chargrilled Wings


image of 20 Chargrilled Wings

30 Chargrilled Wings


image of 30 Chargrilled Wings


NY Style Pizza

image of NY Style Pizza

Pan Style Pizza

image of Pan Style Pizza

Gourmet Pizza

Sorry no modifications with the exception of no anchovies on Basil Bomber Pizza.

Bacon Chicken Ranch

image of Bacon Chicken Ranch

Basil Bomber Pizza

image of Basil Bomber Pizza

BBQ Chicken

image of BBQ Chicken

Bruschetta Pizza

image of Bruschetta Pizza


image of Cheesesteak

Chicken Wing

image of Chicken Wing

Greek Pizza

image of Greek Pizza

Super Bruschetta Sausage

image of Super Bruschetta  Sausage

Super Bruschetta Chicken

image of Super Bruschetta Chicken


image of The GOAT

Its a Utica Thing

image of Its a Utica Thing

Meat Lover

image of Meat Lover


image of Margherita

Veggie Lover

image of Veggie Lover

Riggie Pizza

12" Gluten Free Gourmet Pizza


image of 12" Gluten Free Gourmet Pizza


Chicken Wing Calzone


image of Chicken Wing Calzone

Chicken Bacon Ranch Calzone


image of Chicken Bacon Ranch Calzone



image of Calzone

Cheesesteak Calzone


image of Cheesesteak Calzone



image of Stromboli

12" Gluten Free Pizza


image of 12" Gluten Free Pizza




image of Antipasto

Buffalo Chicken Salad


image of Buffalo Chicken Salad

Caesar Salad


image of Caesar Salad

Caramelized Pecan


image of Caramelized Pecan

Cobb Salad


image of Cobb Salad

Greek Salad


image of Greek Salad

Half Garden


image of Half Garden

Whole Garden


image of Whole Garden


Build A Burger


image of Build A Burger

California Chicken Wrap


image of California Chicken Wrap

Chicken Tender Basket


image of Chicken Tender Basket

Chicken Club


image of Chicken Club

Chicken Wing Wrap


image of Chicken Wing Wrap

Corned Beef Reuben


image of Corned Beef Reuben

Fresh Baked Haddock Sandwich


image of Fresh Baked Haddock Sandwich



image of Hamburger

Italian Brisket


Loaded Burger


image of Loaded Burger

Meatball Sub


image of Meatball Sub

Philly Cheese w/ Chicken


image of Philly Cheese w/ Chicken

Philly Cheese w/ Ribeye


image of Philly Cheese w/ Ribeye

Pulled Pork Platter


image of Pulled Pork Platter

SB Burger


image of SB Burger

SB Chicken


image of SB Chicken

Sriarcha Burger


image of Sriarcha Burger

Summer Choice Tacos


image of Summer Choice Tacos

Veggie Burger


image of Veggie Burger


Broiled Haddock


image of Broiled Haddock

Captains Platter


image of Captains Platter

Fried Haddock


image of Fried Haddock

Haddock Parmesan


image of Haddock Parmesan

Lemon Pepper Scallops


image of Lemon Pepper Scallops





image of Scallops

Seafood Platter


image of Seafood Platter

Crab Stuffing Crusted Haddock


image of Crab Stuffing Crusted Haddock




image of Alfredo

Chicken Parmesan


image of Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Riggies


image of Chicken Riggies

Kickin Chicken


image of Kickin Chicken

Lip Smackin' Mac&Cheese


Louisiana Pasta


image of Louisiana Pasta

Pasta & Meatballs


image of Pasta & Meatballs

Sausage Riggies


image of Sausage Riggies

Skillet Mac&Cheese


image of Skillet Mac&Cheese

Sweet Basil Pasta Bake


image of Sweet Basil Pasta Bake

Sundried Tomato & Artichoke


image of Sundried Tomato & Artichoke

GF Ravioli


image of GF Ravioli

Gluten Free Ravioli


image of Gluten Free Ravioli




image of Ribeye



image of Sirloin

Kids Menu



image of Kids-Cheeseburger

Kids-Cheese Quesadilla


image of Kids-Cheese Quesadilla

Kids- Chic Tenders


image of Kids- Chic Tenders



image of Kids-Hamburger

Kids-Grilled Cheese


image of Kids-Grilled Cheese

Kid Pasta/MB


image of Kid Pasta/MB


Additional Box Charge


image of Additional Box Charge

Alabama Sauce


image of Alabama Sauce



image of Asparagus



image of Avocado



image of Bacon

Blue Cheese


image of Blue Cheese

Misc Side 3.99


image of Misc Side 3.99

Bread and Butter


image of Bread and Butter

Extra Cheese


image of Extra Cheese

Misc Side 4.99


image of Misc Side 4.99



image of Broccoli

Caesar Side Salad


image of Caesar Side Salad

Soup add on


image of Soup add on

Cole Slaw


image of Cole Slaw

Crumbly Blue Cheese


image of Crumbly Blue Cheese

Dressing 2oz


image of Dressing 2oz

Dressing 4 oz


image of Dressing 4 oz

Extra Lemon


image of Extra Lemon

French Fries


image of French Fries

French Onion Crock


image of French Onion Crock

Garlic Sauce


image of Garlic Sauce



image of Gravy



image of Greens

Mac & Cheese


image of Mac & Cheese

Marinara Lrg


image of Marinara Lrg

Marinara Small


image of Marinara Small

Mashed Potatoes


image of Mashed Potatoes

Mashed W/ Gravy


image of Mashed W/ Gravy



image of Meatballs

Misc Side 2.99


image of Misc Side 2.99



image of Chicken

Side Pasta


image of Side Pasta

Side Salad


image of Side Salad

Side Scallops


image of Side Scallops

Side Wing Sauce


image of Side Wing Sauce

Sundried Tomato


image of Sundried Tomato

Onion Ring


image of Onion Ring

Sw Pot Fries


image of Sw Pot Fries

Tartar Sauce


image of Tartar Sauce

Tater Tots


image of Tater Tots

BBQ Sides


Potato Salad

Onion Rings

BBQ Beans

Corn Bread


Cole Slaw


Lemon Berry Cake


image of Lemon Berry Cake

Carrot Cake


image of Carrot Cake

Reese's Thunder Cake


image of Reese's Thunder Cake

Vanilla Bean Chscake


image of Vanilla Bean Chscake