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Best Coffee


Discovery Point Hunter rd., Ooltewah, TN

Bottled Best Coffee

16oz Bottle Latte



Egg & chz croissant

Egg, American cheese, croissant


Plain Croissant

Warm plain croissant


Cream Chz Bagel

Plain bagel w/ Jalapeño cream chz


Plain Bagel


Egg Chz Bagel


Brisket Egg & Chz Croissant

Brisket, jalapeño cream cheese, American cheese, croissant


image of Brisket Egg & Chz Croissant

Brisket Egg & Chz Bagel

Plain or everything bagel? (please write in notes) Brisket, jalapeño cream cheese, American cheese


image of Brisket Egg & Chz Bagel

Chicken Salad Croissant


image of Chicken Salad Croissant

X Meat

Extra brisket on sandwiches


X Egg





The gunpowder

Vesuvio Ethiopia Blend Kyoto Cold Brew


White Mocha

Double shot espresso over whole milk flavored with white mocha drizzle


Iced Latte

Double shot espresso w/ whole milk over ice



Blended espresso sip w/ your choice of flavor



Double shot espresso, whole milk, caramel, whip cream



Double shot espresso with steamed milk foam


Drip Coffee



HOT Latte




Con Panna

Double shot espresso topped with homemade whipped cream



Double shot espresso and steamed milk 4oz


Double-Shot Espresso





Nutella Croissant

Toasted croissant with Nutella


image of Nutella Croissant

Blueberry scone


image of Blueberry scone


Banana nut, or Chocolate (Please write in special instructions)


Energy Drinks

Lotus plant-based energy drinks


Red Bull, pineapple, blue raspberry


image of The HULK

The Wonder

Plant-Based Energy drink Strawberry & Raspberry


The Sweet Tart

- White Lotus plant-based energy - Pomegranate - Lime


image of The Sweet Tart

Piña Colada

Lotus energy, pineapple, coconut.


image of Piña Colada

Non Coffee



The Yitzi

Strawberry Lemonade






Hot Chocolate


Strawberry Tea


Specialty Drinks

The Mama

Espresso, Cold Brew, SF Vanilla cold foam


Dirty Kyoto

Kyoto Cold Brew, Matcha, Organic agave sauce, and whole milk over ice


The Peppermint Tuxedo

Espresso, Peppermint, Mocha, White Mocha


The Spears Way

- 4 espresso shots - light caramel & mocha - whole milk - whip


The Big Sexy

Chocolate Overload Double Espresso, Whole milk, Choc chips, Nutella, Mocha, Whip & Choc drizzle


The Willie B

- Cardamom - Whole Milk - Espresso


The Ryan Austin

Espresso, Cookies & creme overload, Whole milk, Oreo crumble, topped with whip


Way Maker #TeamGod4Byrson

This Sip is dedicated to 12 year old Bryson Caster who passed away with rare, soft-tissue cancer. All profit from this goes to his family. You enjoy it blended, Iced, or Hot. Whole milk, Caramel, Mocha, topped with Whip & Caramel Mocha drizzle. Add an espresso shot for $1


Honey Lavender


Honey Oat


The Barista


The KURV Ball

Almond milk, double shot espresso, white mocha, caramel, sweet cream


image of The KURV Ball

The Alpha 2


Cinnamon Dolce


The Dulce de leches


Cody's Best Toffee

- Brown Butter Toffee - Espresso - Whole Milk - whip, caramel drizzle, heath bar bits on the top & bottom


Kat's Kreation

Espresso, Whole Milk, Caramel sauce, Vanilla, Caramel Sweet Cream


The Buck Shot

Cold Brew, Vanilla, Almond Milk