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Bistro Europa


2820 Historic Decatur Rd # 8 , San Diego, CA


Avocado Toast (V)

Fresh avocado, tomatoes, pickled onion, black sesame seeds, on sourdough bread. GF bread- $3


image of Avocado Toast (V)

Bistro's Cheese Tray

Build Your Own Cheese Tray- Base is build with 4 different imported cheeses. Adds- Prosciutto, Spicy Salami, Mortadella- $4, Lomo Embuchado, Olive Tapenade-$5, Worlds Best Green Olives, Olive Mix- $3, Dried Apricots, Cherries- $5, Roasted Nuts- $5, Small Breadsticks-$2, Bread- $2.5, GF Bread- $3


image of Bistro's Cheese Tray

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro

Tomato, garlic, basil, evoo, balsamic glaze, on toasted ciabatta slices.


image of Bruschetta Al Pomodoro

Burrata Appetizer

Soft white cheese, fire roasted tomatoes, arugula, evoo, balsamic glaze, Served with ciabatta bread. GF bread-$3


image of Burrata Appetizer

Castelvetrano Green Olives


image of Castelvetrano Green Olives

Olive Mix

Bread- $2, GF Bread- $3


image of Olive Mix

Olive Mix Tapenade

Green and black olives, parsley, capers, olive oil, garlic, lemon. GF bread $3


image of Olive Mix Tapenade

White Anchovies Montados

White anchovy fillets, tomato, garlic, olive oil, and parsley on ciabatta bread. GF bread - $3


image of White Anchovies Montados


3 Italian in New York

Ham, mortadella, spicy salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar on foccacia bread


image of 3 Italian in New York

Burrata & Mortadella

Thin mortadella, burrata cheese, pistachio, basil dressing, evoo, on focaccia bread


image of Burrata & Mortadella

Caprese Classico

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil dressing, evoo, balsamic glaze on italian baguette bread


image of Caprese Classico

Chicken San Diego

Roasted organic chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion and chipotle aioli on foccacia bread


image of Chicken San Diego


Roasted pork, ham slices, dill pickles, mustard, emmental cheese, mild salsa verde on a pretzel bun


image of Cubana

Manchego & Lomo Embuchado

Spanish cured pork loin, manchego cheese, arugula, tomato and olive oil. Served on baguette


image of Manchego & Lomo Embuchado

Pastrami Parisien

French beef pastrami, swiss cheese, caramelized onion, dijon mustard, avocado, spring mix, lemon vinaigrette on ciabatta bread


image of Pastrami Parisien

Pollo Barcelona

Roasted organic chicken, provolone cheese, romesco sauce, spring mix, tomato, avocado, on sourdough bread


image of Pollo Barcelona

Portobello Sandwich

Roasted portobello mushroom, provolone cheese, romesco sauce, lettuce, tomato on ciabatta bread


image of Portobello Sandwich

Prosciutto Di Parma

Prosciutto Di Parma, fresh mozzarella, basil dressing, evoo, tomatoes, arugula, on focaccia bread


image of Prosciutto Di Parma

Salame Picante Calabrese

Spicy salami, marinated artichoke hearts, provolone cheese, arugula, basil dressing, evoo, on focaccia bread.


image of Salame Picante Calabrese

Tuna Nicoise

Tuna, hard boiled egg, celery, green onion, spring mix, lemon vinaigrette on a baguette


image of Tuna Nicoise

Ultimate Dutch Toastie

Havarti, gouda, and cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, curry ketchup on sourdough bread


image of Ultimate Dutch Toastie

Mediterranean Delight

Hummus, feta, cucumbers, sundried tomato tapenade, kalamata olives, pickled onion, arugula on sourdough bread


image of Mediterranean Delight

Kids Menu

Kids- Toastie Meal

White bread, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, fruit cup & chocolate milk Add fresh squeezed orange juice or fresh fruit drink (Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple) $3.00


image of Kids- Toastie Meal

Kids-Nutella Sandwich Meal


image of Kids-Nutella Sandwich Meal


Organic Quinoa Salad

Organic quinoa, chickpeas, bell peppers, cucumbers, parsley, red onion, lemon vinaigrette.


image of Organic Quinoa Salad

Organic Strawberry Salad Special

Strawberries, avocado, cucumbers, dried cranberries, gorgonzola, sweet crunch, balsamic glaze and a citrus dressing.


Greek Salad

Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, kalamata olives, red onion, feta cheese, greek vinaigrette.


image of Greek Salad

Caesar Tradizionale

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, homemade caesar dressing.


image of Caesar Tradizionale

Organic Arugula Salad

Arugula, parmesan cheese, almonds, dried cranberries, homemade honey citrus vinaigrette.


image of Organic Arugula Salad


Side of Meat


image of Side of Meat

Potato Chips


image of Potato Chips

Side of GF Bread


image of Side of GF Bread

Side of Focaccia


image of Side of Focaccia

Side of Burrata


image of Side of Burrata

Side Salad

Spring Mix, Pickled Onion, Crumbled Feta, Lemon Vinaigrette


image of Side Salad


Chocolate Chip Cookie (GF)


image of Chocolate Chip Cookie (GF)

Funfetti Cookie (GF)


image of Funfetti Cookie (GF)

Organic Coco Mango Chia Pudding


image of Organic Coco Mango Chia Pudding

Organic Panna Cotta


image of Organic Panna Cotta

Large Cup of Fresh Fruit


Small of Fresh Fruit


image of Small of Fresh Fruit


Fresh Squeezed OJ- Small


image of Fresh Squeezed OJ- Small

Fresh Squeezed OJ-Large


image of Fresh Squeezed OJ-Large

Mango Drink


image of Mango Drink

Strawberry Drink


image of Strawberry Drink

Pineapple Drink


image of Pineapple Drink

Seasonal Drink


image of Seasonal Drink

Organic Chocolate Milk


image of Organic Chocolate Milk

Blood Orange Italian Soda


image of Blood Orange Italian Soda

Clementine Italian Soda


image of Clementine Italian Soda

Lemon Italian Soda


image of Lemon Italian Soda



image of Pellegrino

Topo Chico


image of Topo Chico

Mexican Coke


image of Mexican Coke

Diet Coke


image of Diet Coke

Iced Tea


image of Iced Tea

Celsius Energy Drink


image of Celsius Energy Drink



image of Water


Full Sheet of Foccacia


image of Full Sheet of Foccacia

Half Sheet of Foccacia


image of Half Sheet of Foccacia