Boss Pizza and Chicken - Des Moines


Appetizer Platter


Boneless Wings


image of Boneless Wings

Buffalo Wings


image of Buffalo Wings

Cheese Curds


image of Cheese Curds

Chicken Strips


image of Chicken Strips



Garlic Cheese Breadstick


Mini Corn Dogs


image of Mini Corn Dogs

Mini Tacos


image of Mini Tacos

Mozzarella Sticks


image of Mozzarella Sticks

Parm Breadsticks w/ Marinara


Toasted Ravioli


image of Toasted Ravioli

Broasted Chicken by the Piece

Piece of Chicken


image of Piece of Chicken

4 Piece

8 Piece

12 Piece

16 Piece

20 Piece


Brownie Bites


image of Brownie Bites

Dessert Pizza


Funnel Fries


Raspberry Cheesecake Dessert Pizza.


Family Broasted Chicken Dinners

Boss Combo Pack


Family Chicken Dinner 8pc


Individual Broasted Chicken Dinners

2 Piece Mixed Dinner


image of 2 Piece Mixed Dinner

3 Piece Mixed Dinner


4 Piece Mixed Dinner





image of Pasta


Build Your Own & Cheese Pizza

image of Build Your Own & Cheese Pizza

LG Half and Half Specialty


Medium Half and Half Specialty


XL Half and Half Specialty


Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

image of Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Curds the Word

Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza

image of Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

image of BBQ Chicken Pizza

Bedda Chedda Pizza

image of Bedda Chedda Pizza

Big Cheese Pizza

image of Big Cheese Pizza

Boss Pizza

image of Boss Pizza

Bossage Pizza

image of Bossage Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Broccoli Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

image of Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

image of Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

Chicken Queso Crunch Pizza

image of Chicken Queso Crunch Pizza

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

image of Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Cuban Pizza

image of Cuban Pizza

Founding Father Pizza

image of Founding Father Pizza

Guido Pizza

image of Guido Pizza

Meatza Pizza

image of Meatza Pizza

The Mexican Delight Pizza

image of The Mexican Delight Pizza

Orient Express Pizza

image of Orient Express Pizza

Parmesan Chicken Pizza

image of Parmesan Chicken Pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

image of Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Pulled Pig Pizza

Rancheroni Pizza

image of Rancheroni Pizza

Reuben Pizza

image of Reuben Pizza

Santa Fe Supreme Pizza

image of Santa Fe Supreme Pizza

Sauerkraut Supreme Pizza

Shrimp Alfredo Pizza

image of Shrimp Alfredo Pizza

Spicy Ranch Buffalo Chicken Pizza

image of Spicy Ranch Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Star City Special Pizza

image of Star City Special Pizza

Stella’s Garlic Combo Pizza

Super Boss Pizza

image of Super Boss Pizza

Super Pepperoni Pizza

image of Super Pepperoni Pizza

Taco Pizza

image of Taco Pizza

Veggie Pizza

image of Veggie Pizza


Garden Salad


image of Garden Salad

Side Salad


Taco Salad


image of Taco Salad


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich


image of Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

Clutch Cluck Sandwich


Cuban Sandwich


Founding Father Sandwich


Italian Sandwich


Meatball Sandwich


Philly Sandwich



Side Cream Cheese


Side 1000 Island


Side Creamy Ceasar


Side BBQ Sauce


Side BBQ Sauce


Side Blue Cheese


Side Honey


Side BP Sauce


Side Buffalo Sauce


Side Chocolate Sauce


Side French


Side Garlic Butter


Side Gold Sauce


Side Honey BBQ Sauce


Side Honey Dijon


Side Honey Garlic


Side Italian Dressing


Side Ketchup

Side Queso Sauce


Side Marinara Sauce


Side Mayo


Side Mild Buffalo Sauce


Side Mustard

Side Ragin Asian


Side Parmesan Garlic


Side Ranch


Side Raspberry Sauce


Side Salsa


Side Santa Fe Sauce


Side Sour Cream


Side Spicy Buffalo Sauce


Side Spicy Ranch


Side Spicy Garlic Sauce


Side Spicy Gold Sauce


Side Spicy Mayo


Side Super Boss


Side Sweet Chili Sauce


Side Teriyaki Sauce


Side Zesty Orange


Side Alfredo Sauce


Side Nacho Cheese





Mac and Cheese

Potato Salad



Side Sauces

{Pizza} Curds the Word Pizza Size Choice

Lg. Curds the word


Med. curds the word


XL curds the word