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Buffalo's Best Bakery

Breakfast Sandwiches

Belly Buster Croissant


image of Belly Buster Croissant

Blasdell Biscuit


image of Blasdell Biscuit

The Canadian


image of The Canadian

Wind Mill French Toast


image of Wind Mill French Toast

Breakfast Burrito


image of Breakfast Burrito


Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza


image of Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


image of Cheese Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza

Cheese & 1 item.


image of Gluten Free Pizza

Steak Pizza

White base with peppers, onions, mushrooms, streak, mozzarella and Fontanilla cheese


image of  Steak Pizza

White Pizza

Imported Italian olive oil, sliced tomatoes & onions, freshly grated romano covered in fontinella, romano & mozzarella cheeses. Anchovies on request. Recommended topping: Anchovies.


image of White Pizza

Lunch items

Chicken Ceasar Salad


image of Chicken Ceasar Salad

Chicken Finger Salad


image of Chicken Finger Salad

Steak Hoagie


image of Steak Hoagie

(Single) Chicken Fingers


image of (Single) Chicken Fingers

(Double) Chicken Fingers


image of (Double) Chicken Fingers

Chicken finger Hoagie


image of Chicken finger Hoagie

Dijon Burger


image of Dijon Burger

Baja Chicken Quesadilla


image of Baja Chicken Quesadilla

Baked Goods



image of B-Croissant



image of B-Macaroon



image of B-Tiramisu



image of B-Brownies

B-Macaroon Dozen


image of B-Macaroon Dozen



image of B-Scones

B-Peanut Butter Bombs


image of B-Peanut Butter Bombs



image of B-Eclairs

B-Cheesecake Slice


image of B-Cheesecake Slice

B-Macaroon 1/2 dozen


image of B-Macaroon 1/2 dozen



image of B-Muffin

B-Slice of Pie


image of B-Slice of Pie

Mozz Sticks


image of Mozz Sticks

Pizza Logs


image of Pizza Logs



image of cupcakes

Italian Bread Loaf


image of Italian Bread Loaf



image of Focaccia

Mini Bread Loaf


image of Mini Bread Loaf


Bottle Water


image of Bottle Water

Bottle Soda


image of Bottle Soda



image of Coffee



image of Cappuccino



image of espresso