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Butcher Paper BBQ


128 Columbus Pkwy , Opelika, AL


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Brisket Sandwich

Rib On Bone Sandwich

3 bones


Extra Sauce


Extra Pickles



Pulled Pork Plate


Chicken Plate

Brisket Plate


Rib Plate

4-5 bones


6 Jumbo Wings Plate


Extra Sauce


Extra Pickles




Meat of your choice over a bed of smoked Mac and Cheese


BBQ Potato

Baked potato with choice of meat, cheese, whipped butter, and sour cream


BBQ Grilled Cheese

Choice of meat and cheddar cheese on buttered and toasted Texas Toast


Beef Hot Dog

All beef hot dog with ketchup and mustard on the side


Grilled Cheese


Extra Sauce


Extra Pickles


Brisket Grilled Cheese

Brisket and Cheddar cheese on buttered and toasted Texas Toast


Family Meals

Happy Family

1.5 lbs of pulled pork, 3 pint sides, pickles, bread, 8 oz sauce, and a gallon of tea Feeds 4


Chicken Dinner

2 chickens, 1 pint side, 2 large sides, bread, pickles, 8 oz sauce, and a gallon of tea Feeds 6


Lil Squealer

5 Lbs Pulled Pork, 2 quart sides, buns, pickles, and sauce Feeds 10


Meats A La Carte

Pulled Pork




Jumbo Wing


Sides A La Carte

Baked Potato


Banana Pudding

Chips Bag


BBQ Beans

Brunswick Stew

Cole Slaw


Green Beans

Potato Salad

Smoked Mac & Cheese

Extra Pickles


Cornbread Muffin



Kid's Grilled Cheese


Kid's Hot Dog


Kid's Quesadilla



Peanut Butter Pie Slice


Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie





32 oz Cup


Gallon Jug


24 oz Cup



Available Thursday-Saturday 7-10 AM

Breakfast Plate

Two eggs any style, meat of your choice, small grits, and a biscuit


Biscuit & Gravy

Homemade buttermilk biscuit split open and topped with brisket country gravy and breakfast meat of your choice


Biscuit Combo

Biscuit with a side of grits and drink


Breakfast Bowl

Grits, Cheddar Cheese, and meat of your choice in a convenient bowl


BYO Buiscuit

Build your own biscuit with choice of meat, egg, and cheese


Extra Sauce


Breakfast A La Carte

Available Thursday-Saturday 7-10 AM




Side Gravy


Side Meat