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Pot Pies

BBQ Mac Pot Pie

"Want to try our most talked about Pot Pie? Look no further! Our BBQ Mac Pot Pie is an interestingly unique combination but a guaranteed family favorite. What is better than shredded pork doused in our sweet and tangy BBQ Sauce paired with the most amazing 3-Cheese Mac that you have ever tasted?? The answer is nothing! Make it even better by wrapping it in our signature flaky pie crust to create the ULTIMATE comfort meal. "


Chicken Pot Pie

"If you are visiting the shop for the first time or buying a gift for a loved one, we always recommend starting with our Original Chicken Pot Pie. Nothing brings comfort like warm homemade familiar food for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Filled with slow roasted diced chicken, fresh carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes in our homemade, creamy herb sauce, all in our signature flakey crust. "


Pot Roast Pot Pie

Sunday dinner in a pot pie! This pie is filled with tender shredded pot roast in homemade gravy, brown sugar glazed baby carrots, and fluffy mashed potatoes. Add our signature flaky crust and you have a roast beast feast!


Shepherd Pot Pie

"Originated in Britain, perfected in America. This shepherds pie is a hearty blend of fresh ground beef and vegetables in a homemade savory herb sauce, and topped with pillowy mashed potatoes and a crown of cheese in our flakey pie crust. Filled with fresh ground beef, carrots, peas, corn, onions, mashed potatoes, and cheese."



Poppyseed Chicken

Our version of this classic, family favorite. This Pan Dinner is filled with a layer of white rice, topped with a creamy sauce that is filled with our slow roasted diced chicken, and then topped with a Ritz cracker and poppyseed crumble. A hearty meal that your family will love!


Sweet Pork Burrito

This homemade layered burrito is filled with layers of sweet bbq pulled pork, rice and black beans, flour tortillas, salsa verde, and lots of cheese.


White Chicken Enchilada

"Our most popular dinner item on the menu! Mild spices with big flavor, these creamy, cheesy, and delicious Enchiladas will satisfy the whole family! This homemade enchilada dinner is filled with layers of creamy white chicken enchilada sauce, slow roasted diced chicken, mild diced green chiles, flour tortillas, and cheese. "


Hand Pies

Bacon Breakfast Hand Pie

These Hand Pies are the perfect on-the-go meal! Filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, diced onions, and loaded with cheddar jack cheese.


BBQ Mac Hand Pie

Your favorite BBQ Mac dinner pie in hand pie form! Slow roasted, shredded pork mixed in our sweet & tangy BBQ sauce with our homemade 3-cheese macaroni.


Pizza Hand Pie


Sausage Breakfast Hand Pie

Filled with crumbled breakfast sausage, fluffy scrambled eggs, and loaded with cheddar jack cheese to make the perfect on the go breakfast!


Sweet Pork Hand Pie

These Hand Pies are the perfect on-the-go meal! Our Smothered Sweet Pork Burrito Dinner is seriously SO GOOD that we just had to make a hand held version! Filled with sweet bbq shredded pork, rice, black beans, and cheese, you will savor every bite of this delicious hand pie.



Baby Pie Sampler

Now you can get our favorite baby pies in a convenient 5 pack and for a discount! Each sampler pack comes with our five favorite flavors, including: RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE CHOCOLATE COOKIES N' CREAM BANANA CREAM KEY LIME COCONUT CREAM


Banana Cream Baby Pie

Banana Cream Baby Pies are made with our signature flakey pie crust, filled with our homemade Banana Cream custard, topped with a sweet glaze, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


Chocolate Cookies n Cream Baby Pies

Chocolate Cookies 'n Cream Baby Pies are made with our signature flakey pie crust and filled with our homemade, creamy Chocolate Custard and chunks of soft Cookies 'n Cream Cookies in every bite! They are covered in a sweet glaze and finished with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs. A perfectly rich and delicious treat!


Coconut Cream Baby Pie

Coconut Cream Baby Pies are made with our signature flakey pie crust and filled with our homemade Coconut Cream custard and topped with a sweet glaze and toasted coconut.


Key Lime Baby Pie

Key Lime Baby Pies are made with our signature flakey pie crust and filled with our homemade lime sour cream custard, made with fresh lime juice. It's the most scrumptious combination of smooth, sweet and tart. Baby Pies are finished with a sweet glaze.


Raspberry Cheesecake Baby Pie

"You may think that you have tried amazing Raspberry Cheesecake desserts before.... nothing compares to our absolutely perfect pairing of delicious raspberry and cheesecake fillings with our pie crust! These Baby Pies are filled with our homemade Raspberry and Cheesecake fillings and topped with a sweet glaze. We don't believe in sharing desserts here and when you taste these baby pies, you won't want to!!!"


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh hey cookie lover - we heard you needed a little treat to get you through the day! Whether you are sharing with the family, hiding the whole box in the freezer just for yourself, or sending some yumminess to a friend, these homemade soft and chewy mini Chocolate Chip cookies are exactly what we are all craving. Filled with both milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s absolutely impossible to eat just one! With all of the mini cookies that come in a pack, you will be set for the week (or if you are like us, set for a day or two). Mini cookies come with about 70 cookies per container.

Apple Pie

Introducing our first, individual size, Apple Pies! These small pies are made with our signature flakey pie crust, classic homemade apple pie filling, and topped with a scrumptious buttery topping



Homemade 3-Cheese Mac Kit

"Now you can make our creamy, homemade 3-cheese Mac right at home! We've taken the recipe for our yummy Mac 'n Cheese in our BBQ Mac dinner pie and put it in a kit so you can make it fresh and warm right at home! This kit includes macaroni noodles, shredded cheddar, American, and mozzarella cheeses, and spices."


Dinner Rolls

These soft and fluffy dinner rolls come frozen and ready to thaw and bake. Top them with a little melted butter, warm out of the oven and you've got the perfect, easy side for dinner!



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