Drifters Feel Good Food

Drifters Feel Good Food


Bottle Water


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade


Diet Pepsi




Mountain Dew


Root Beer




Apple Juice


Ice Cream Float



The Superhero


The Shore House


The Sea Isle Celebration


Feel Good Deals

Beach Buddy


Feel Good Special


Party Pack


The Hero


Fresh Cut Fries

Sea Salt Fries

Old Bay Fries

Cajun Fries

Tub Of Fries (4 Large Fries )

4 large orders of fries


Kids Menu

Kids- Mix & Match Slider


Kids- Chicken Tenders


Kids- PB & J


Kids- Grilled Cheese


Open Items

Open Food

Somethin Different

Chicken Tenders


Buffalo Tenders


Cajun Ranch Tenders


Grilled Cheese


Cheese Cup


Free Additional Sauce

Somethin Sweet



Deep Fried PB & J


Funnel Cake Sundae

Your choice of ice cream on top of a funnel cake with whipped cream and a cherry.


Funnel Cake


Ice Cream- Medium


Ice Cream Slider

Your favorite scoop served between two soft chocolate chunk cookies.


Ice Cream- Small


Deep Fried Chocolate Chip


Fried Oreo Sundae

Your choice of ice cream served in a brownie bowl topped with whipped cream and a cherry


Ice Cream- Large


Ice Cream Fridae

French fries topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry.


Deep Fried Oreos


Specialty Fries

Bacon Ranch Fries

Layered with chunks of bacon, ranch dressing, and mozzarella.


Buffalo Blue Fries

Layered with drifters' buffalo sauce and mozzarella.


Cajun Ranch Fries

Layered with drifters' Cajun ranch and mozzarella.


Canadian Poutine Fries

Layered with brown gravy and mozzarella


Garlic Parmesan Fries

Tossed with garlic butter and grated Parmesan.


Truffle Fries

Tossed with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese


Sweet Fries

Brown sugar and cinnamon coated sweet potato fries.


z:Checkmate-Order Attention Required

z:Checkmate-Order Attention Required

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