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62517 Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL

Afro-fusion Bowls

Sahara Bowl (North Africa Flavors)

Savory lemon garlic tagine sauce with olives, carrots & sautéed onions. Perfectly seasoned couscous


image of Sahara Bowl (North Africa Flavors)

Sankofa Bowl (West African Flavors)

Spicy, nutty suya sauce, Roasted sweet peppers & tomatoes, Afro-fusion spicy jollof rice


image of Sankofa Bowl (West African Flavors)

Swahili Bowl (East African Flavors)

Creamy coconut curry sauce, sweet plantains, savory Pilau rice (w/coconut milk, & spices of cumin, cinnamon & cardamom)


image of Swahili Bowl (East African Flavors)

Signature Entrees

Afro fusion signature entrees

Kenyan Curried Goat

Kenyan yellow curry and stewed goat is a delightful entree served with 2 sides


image of Kenyan Curried Goat

Lamb Tajine

Tender, juicy lamb, slow simmered in a lemon garlic sauce; served with Moroccan couscous and two sides


image of Lamb Tajine

Fufu & Stew

Served with fufu

Okro Stew (served with fufu)

Our Afro-fusion Okro stew is made with okra, tomatoes & onions, stewed slowly with fresh garlic, a pinch of ginger and Cameroon pepper for a spicy, comfort food. To create this delicious fusion of African and African diaspora cuisines, we cook our okra using a special technique that makes it delicious and flavorful but eliminates the slimy texture. Stew comes with fufu. Add your choice of protein including beef, salmon, chicken, shrimp. smoked mackerel, goat & more!


image of Okro Stew (served with fufu)


Build A Wrap

Choose protein + rice, salsa & house-made sauce.


image of Build A Wrap

Cold Drinks

Baobab Tea


image of Baobab Tea

Bissap Tea


image of Bissap Tea

Egyptian Guava Infusion


image of Egyptian Guava Infusion

Egyptian Mango Infusion


image of Egyptian Mango Infusion

South African Passionfruit Infusion


image of South African Passionfruit Infusion

South African Topical Fruit Medley Infusion


image of South African Topical Fruit Medley Infusion

Bottle Beer



Hot Drinks

Ethiopian Coffee


image of Ethiopian Coffee

Tanzanian Dark Roast


image of Tanzanian Dark Roast




image of Fufu

Seasoned Rice


image of Seasoned Rice

Pilau Rice


image of Pilau Rice

Ndizi (Plantains)


image of Ndizi (Plantains)



image of Chapati

Jollof Rice 🔥


image of Jollof Rice 🔥