Hayfield's Market background image

Hayfield's Market

*Sandwiches (11am to 2:30pm)

French Press


image of French Press

Turkey Sandwich


image of Turkey Sandwich

Fricken Chicken


image of Fricken Chicken

Vegerrito Wrap (Vegan)


image of Vegerrito Wrap (Vegan)

Greek Wrap


image of Greek Wrap

Caesar Wrap


image of Caesar Wrap

PB&J Sandwich


image of PB&J Sandwich

BLT Sandwich


image of BLT  Sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich


image of Chicken Salad Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


image of Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bakery & Desserts

*Certain baked goods may not be available, please check with the cashier upon arrival.



image of Brownie



image of Cupcakes

Fruit/ Choc Boxes


image of Fruit/ Choc Boxes

Crumb Cake


image of Crumb Cake

Sweetie Pie Pop Tarts


image of Sweetie Pie Pop Tarts

Slice Of Cake


image of Slice Of Cake

Black/White Cookie


image of Black/White Cookie

Rice Krispie


image of Rice Krispie



image of Cookie

In House Cookie


image of In House Cookie

Lemon Bars


image of Lemon Bars

Whoopie Pie


image of Whoopie Pie

Energy Bites


image of Energy Bites

Choc. Coconut Macaroon


image of Choc. Coconut Macaroon

Bottled Drinks

Bottled Water


image of Bottled Water

Coke Can


image of Coke Can

Paloma (No alcohol)


image of Paloma (No alcohol)

Diet Coke Can


image of Diet Coke Can

Sweet Tea Leaf


image of Sweet Tea Leaf

Culture Pop


image of Culture Pop

Hals Seltzer


image of Hals Seltzer



image of Natalies

Harney Tea


image of Harney Tea



image of Saratoga



image of Kombucha



image of Lorina



image of Boylan

Brooklyn Cannery


Breakfast (8am to 12pm)

Breakfast Burrito


image of Breakfast Burrito

Side of Bacon


image of Side of Bacon

Breakfast Plate


image of Breakfast Plate

Egg and Cheese


image of Egg and Cheese

Healthy Wrap


image of Healthy Wrap



image of Hashbrowns



image of Omelette



image of Powerhouse

Bagel Lox


image of Bagel Lox

Breakfast Street Tacos


image of Breakfast Street Tacos

Pre - Made Grab N Go


Ham & Cheese Quiche


Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche


Catering Event 2024

2024 Staffing

image of 2024 Staffing

2024 Service Charge

image of 2024 Service Charge

2024 Rentals

image of 2024 Rentals


Dirty Chai

image of Dirty Chai

Chai Latte

image of Chai Latte


image of Latte


image of Espresso

Iced Latte

image of Iced Latte

Iced Chai Latte

image of Iced Chai Latte

Hot Chocolate

image of Hot Chocolate

Hot Apple Cider


image of Hot Apple Cider


image of Machiatto

Flat White

image of Flat White

Cold Brew


image of Cold Brew

Red Eye

image of Red Eye

Iced Americano

image of Iced Americano

Iced Cappuccino

image of Iced Cappuccino


image of Cappuccino


image of Americano

Decaf Americano

image of Decaf Americano

Hot Coffee

image of Hot Coffee

Hot Tea

image of Hot Tea

Cold Case

Green Salad


Fruit Cup


Premade Sandwich


Side Salad


Ice Box

Iced Tea


Lake SS - Bottle Drinks





Diet Coke








Harney Tea




Bottled Water


Lake SS - Packaged Items

Open Button





Cake Pop




Lake SS - Snaks

Ice Cream #2


Ice Cream #1


Crumb Cake



Floral Event

image of Floral Event

Cafe Event

image of Cafe Event

Savory Bakery

Stuffed Croissant/Dinash

Tacos (11am to 2:30pm)

Braised Pork Taco


image of Braised Pork Taco

Short Rib Taco


image of Short Rib Taco

Veggie Taco


image of Veggie Taco

Chicken Taco


image of Chicken Taco

Toast (ALL DAY)

Avocado Toast


image of Avocado Toast

{Croissant] Heat it

Heat it-Plain Croissant