Herby Q


240 Nashua Rd, North Billerica, MA



Smoked Pulled Pork and Sweet Ham pressed on a white sub roll with pickles, melted swiss cheese and our Carolina Twang mustard sauce.



Fluff and PB on Texas Toast


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork on a potato roll topped with coleslaw


Meat Plate

Brisket Plate


Combo Plate 2 Meat


Combo Plate 3 Meat


Pulled Pork Plate


Sausage Sampler



Monster Mac No Meat

Our Larger portion of Mac and Cheese topped with shredded cheese and our house BBQ sauce and a couple of green onions. (NO MEAT)


Monster Mac Burnt Ends


Monster Mac Brisket


Monster Mac Pork


Monster Mac Sausage


Specials & Family Meals

Sausage Queso

Smoked Sausage with mild Poblano peppers and diced tomatoes in a cheddar cheese sauce. Comes with tri-color tortilla chips


Family Meal Pork [6]


Family Meal Pork [4]


Family Meal Brisket


Bulk Meat / Wings

(1/2) LB Sliced Brisket


Burnt Ends


(1) LB Sliced Brisket


(1) LB Burnt Ends


(1/2) LB Pulled Pork


(1) LB Pulled Pork



Cheesy Broccoli Rice


Bag of Chips (Plain)


Collard Greens




Green Beans


Mac and Cheese


Roasted Veggies





Flourless Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free


Snickers Cheese Cake


BBQ Sauces

House BBQ


MOP Sauce


Spicy BBQ


Carolina Twang BBQ


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