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Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar

Signature Bowls

Big Island Classic

Yellowfin Tuna | Green & Sweet Onion Cucumber | Hijiki | Kahuna Sauce Cashews

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Create Your Own Bowl

Large: Design your own bowl by selecting up to three (3) protein or protein substitutions, four (4) mix-in ingredients, two (2) flavors, four (4) toppings, and four (4) crunch options o Extra Protein Selection: $3.00 per additional protein o Extra Mix-In, Flavor, Topping, and Crunch: $0.75 per additional item o Side Flavor: $0.75 per additional side o Avocado | Crab Salad Topping: $1.50

Firecracker Shrimp

Sichuan Mayo | Panko | Green Onion Radish | Masago | Cilantro | Peanuts

image of Firecracker Shrimp

Kimchi Salmon

Green & Sweet Onion | Pineapple Kimchi Vegetables | Cucumber | Korean BBQ | Garlic Chips | Masago

image of Kimchi Salmon

Miso Tofu And Beets

Green & Sweet Onion | Cucumber | Hijiki Marinated Kale | Miso Marinade | Lotus Chips

image of Miso Tofu And Beets

Ponzu Salmon

Green & Sweet Onion | Cucumber Edamame | Wontons | Shiso | Ponzu / Radish

image of Ponzu Salmon

Spicy Tuna

Spicy Mayo | Panko | Green Onion | Furikake | Masago | Jalapeño

image of Spicy Tuna


Wonton Chips

Comes with a side of Spicy Mayo.


Veggie Bowl


Rice Bowl


Bottled Drinks

La Croix


Coconut Water


Figi Water


Marley CBD Tea


Black Rifle Cold Brew




Bottled Water




Pittsburgh Juice

Root Juice


Super Green


Morning Glory


Vitamin Sea


Witches Brew



Bruce Banner


image of Bruce Banner

Chocolate Peanutbutter


image of Chocolate Peanutbutter

Strawberry Banana


image of Strawberry Banana

Tropical Tang


image of Tropical Tang

Shots And Healthy Elixirs

Turmic Tonic