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Mo V's Vegan Kitchen


1850 Emerson St, Jacksonville, FL


Authors Choice Sausage Rolls


Collard Green Soul Rolls (2)


Mac & Cheese


Side Salad


Burgers & Things

Molove Chicken Sandwich

Chickpea Salad Sandwich


Chickpea Salad


Choosy Lover


Everything Pizza


Messy Azz Burger



Dr. Alkaline Water


Sunday Special

Hungry Azz

Home style southern breakfast comes with grits, topped with pepper, mushrooms and onions on the side two cheese add two round sausage one toast and waffle


Magnolia Grit Bowl

Creamy butter grits top with Sautee spinach, tomatoes, cheese add with two round sausage, come with toast.


Signature Breakfast Sandwich

Toasted butter big cut bread, with cheese add and two round sausage come with a dipping sauce



Buttery waffles with maple syrup