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Nikko Sushi & Ramen


242 N 300 W Unit B, Kaysville, UT



Spicy tempura battered calamari rings served with sweet chili sauce.



Warm soybeans served with sea salt. (spicy)


image of Edamame

Spicy Garlic Edamane


image of Spicy Garlic Edamane


Pan seared pork and vegetable dumplings served with house gyoza sauce.


image of Gyoza


Japanese style fried chicken with sesame sauce.


image of Karaage


Lightly battered prawns drizzled with a creamy sweet honey sauce and crisped walnuts.


image of Prawnz

Vegetable Tempura

Lightly battered vegetables served with house tempura sauce.


Crab Cheese Wontons


image of Crab Cheese Wontons

Vegetable Croquette


image of Vegetable Croquette

Hamachi Jalapeno

Fresh hamachi sashimi and thinly sliced jalapeno pepper, tossed with yuzu-miso sauce. (spicy)


image of Hamachi Jalapeno

Tuna Poke


Tuna Tataki

Seared tuna served with jalapenos, sprouts, and ponzu sauce. (spicy)


image of Tuna Tataki

Takoyaki Octopus Ball


image of Takoyaki Octopus Ball

Jalapeno Bomb

Tempura jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese, spicy tuna, and crab mix. Topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce, tobiko and green onions.


image of Jalapeno Bomb

Vegetable Harumaki


image of Vegetable Harumaki

Agedashi Tofu

Tempura tofu served in a sweet soy broth, topped with dried seaweed, bonito fish flakes, and green onions.


image of Agedashi Tofu

HH Hamachi Kama


image of HH Hamachi Kama

HH Salmon Kama


image of HH Salmon Kama


House Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, cucumber, carrots with house dressing.


Grilled Salmon Salad

Salmon, mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, mandarin oranges, avocado, and house dressing.


Seaweed Salad

Thinly sliced Japanese seasoned salad.


image of Seaweed Salad

Squid Salad

Smoked squid with Japanese vegetables.


Sunomono Salad

Thinly sliced cucumbers with non-oil amazu dressing.


image of Sunomono Salad

Seared Tuna Salad

Seared tuna, mixed greens, avocado with house dressing.


image of Seared Tuna Salad

Dinner Bentos

Valentine Bento


Bento Special 1

Comes with Miso Soup, House Salad, 2 Fried Gyoza, White Rice, and 1 Entree Selection.


image of Bento Special 1

Bento Special 2

Comes with Miso Soup, House Salad, 2 Fried Gyoza, White Rice, and 2 Entrée Selection.


image of Bento Special 2



Slice New York Sirloin sauteed with yellow onion in a sweet shoyu sauce and topped with a poached egg and green onions. Served over rice.


image of Gyudon

Chicken Toriten

Tempura chicken served with citrus ponzu sauce and sunomono salad.


image of Chicken Toriten


Rice bowl served with choice of meat and tempura vegetables topped with teriyaki sauce.

image of Donburi


Breaded pork loin served with Japanese medium spicy curry and steamed rice.


image of Katsucurry


Breaded pork loin cooked with yellow onions and eggs in a sweet shoyu sauce.


image of Katsudon

Miso Glazed Salmon

Grilled salmon served with fresh grilled vegetables with miso oregano sauce and steamed rice.


Nikko Steak

New York steak grilled and served with grilled asparagus and steamed rice.


Shrimp & Asparagus

Shrimps and asparagus with miso oregano creamy sauce over egg noodles.


Tempura Shrimp Dinner

Lightly battered shrimp and vegetables served with steamed rice and house tempura sauce.


image of Tempura Shrimp Dinner


Breaded pork loin, fresh sautéed vegetables, with Japanese steak sauce.


Japanese Noodles/Rice

House Udon

Shrimp Tempura, chicken, fish cake, green onions, seaweed, with thick noodles.


image of House Udon

Niku Udon

NY steak, fish cake, green onions, seaweed, with thick noodles




image of Ramen

Fried Rice

Homemade fried rice wok-fried with eggs, carrots, yellow onions, and green onions.

image of Fried Rice


image of Yakisoba

Combination Plates

Chirashi Bowl

12 Chef's Choice Sashimi over Sushi Rice.


Large Sashimi

Fifteen pieces - Chef's Choice.


image of Large Sashimi

Rainbow Poke Bowl

Assorted fish, avocado, cucumber, mango, seaweed salad, chili powder, ponzu sauce, and eel sauce served over sushi rice.


Small Sashimi

Nine pieces - Chef's Choice.


image of Small Sashimi

Ultra Kiss Combo

Chef's Choice 5 pieces nigiri, Chef's Choice 5 pieces Sashimi, Playboy roll and Sundance rolls.


Nigiri/ Sashimi



Rainbow Nigiri


image of Rainbow Nigiri

Comfort Rolls

Avocado Roll

Creamy avocado.


Garden Roll

Fresh asparagus, red pepper, cucumber, avocado, and spring mix with wasabi aoili sauce.


image of Garden Roll

California Roll

Crab and avocado.


image of California Roll

Kappa (Cucumber) Maki Roll



Negihama (Yellowtail) Roll

Yellowtail and scallions.


Philly Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado.


image of Philly Roll

Sake (Salmon) Maki Roll



image of Sake (Salmon) Maki Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp, cucumber, and avocado.


Spicy Hamachi Roll

Yellowtail, cucumber, and sprouts.


Spicy Salmon Roll

Salmon, cucumber, and sprouts.


Spicy Scallops Roll

Scallops, avocado, sprouts, and cucumber.


Spicy Tuna Roll

Tuna, avocado, and sprouts.


Spider Roll

Soft shell crab, sprouts, and cucumber.


image of Spider Roll

Tekka (Tuna) Maki Roll



Unagi (Eel) Maki Roll

Eel, cucumber, and avocado.


Vegetable Tempura Roll

Sweet potatoes, carrots, and asparagus.


image of Vegetable Tempura Roll

Uranium Roll


image of Uranium Roll

Spicy Tako Roll

Octopus, cucumber, and sprouts.


Special Rolls

Caterpillar Roll

Eel and cucumber roll topped with avocado and eel sauce.


image of Caterpillar Roll

Crispy Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado wrapped in soy paper topped with salmon and crunchies finished with spicy eel sauce and tobiko. (spicy)


image of Crispy Roll

Dynamite Roll

Tuna and yellowtail roll topped with crab, eel sauce, chili sauce, and tempura crunchies. (spicy)


image of Dynamite Roll

Flamingo Roll

Shrimp tempura, cucumbers avocado, and lettuce wrapped in soy paper and eel sauce.


image of Flamingo Roll

Funky Roll

Tuna, eel, and scallion roll deep fried and finished with eel sauce and wasabi aioli.


Geisha Roll

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, lemon, avocado rolled in cucumber and ponzu sauce.


image of Geisha Roll

Hippy Roll


image of Hippy Roll

Firecracker Roll

Tuna, cucumber, and avocado rolled in crunchies and topped with eel sauce and chili. (spicy)


image of Firecracker Roll

Heart Attack Roll

Albacore tuna, jalapeno roll tempura fried served with eel sauce and wasabi aioli. (spicy)


Honeymoon Roll

Mango, salmon, cilantro roll topped with jalapenos and citrus soy sauce. (spicy)


Leprechuan Roll

Albacore tuna and tempura asparagus roll topped with spicy tuna and kaiware sprouts and sesame oil. (spicy)


image of Leprechuan Roll

Mesa Roll

Tempura fried Escolar rolled with cilantro inside, topped with sesame seeds, spicy mayo, and jalapeno.


Playboy Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado roll topped with tuna, eel sauce, spicy aioli and tobiko.


Rainbow Roll

Crab, avocado roll topped with assorted sashimi and ponzu sauce.


image of Rainbow Roll

Rock Star Roll

Crab, avocado roll baked with salmon, spicy aioli and finished with scallions and orange tobiko.


Summer Fling Roll

Escolar, mango roll topped with salmon and kiwi with amazu sauce.


Sundance Roll

Crab, avocado roll topped with salmon, lemon, scallions and citrus soy sauce.


image of Sundance Roll

Super Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab roll with eel, avocado, and three different tobiko.


image of Super Dragon Roll

Sweet Jalapeno Roll

Salmon, cucumber roll topped with yellowtail jalapeno, yuzu-miso sauce, and citrus tobiko. (spicy)


Twilight Roll

Salmon, jalapeno toll topped with escolar, avocado, yuzu-miso sauce and tobiko. (spicy)


image of Twilight Roll

Vegas Roll

Salmon, crob, avocado, cream cheese roll deep fried and finished with eel sauce and spicy aioli.


Volcano Roll

Steamed asparagus, salmon, lemon roll topped with spicy crunchy tuna, eel sauce, scallion and tobiko. (spicy)


image of Volcano Roll

Xanax Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese roll topped with smoked salmon and avocado.


The Daniel Roll

Tuna rolled with cilantro and avocado on the inside topped with hamachi, yuzu miso sauce and sriracha sauce.


image of The Daniel Roll

Tiger Roll

Tempura Shrimp with cream cheese topped with crab mix, eel sauce, and tobiko.


image of Tiger Roll

Kids Menu

Kids Beef w/ Noodles

Sliced New York Sirloin sauteed with yellow onions and yakisoba egg noodles.


Kids Chicken W/Noodles

Sliced Chicken thigh sauteed with yellow onions and yakisoba egg noodles.


Kids Teriyaki Beef

Comes with rice, beef and egg roll.


Kids Teriyaki Chicken

Sliced Chicken Thigh served with egg roll and steamed rice.


Kids Chicken Ramen

Sliced chicken thigh, ramen noodles, and half an egg. Your choice of broth.


Kids Karaage & Rice

Seasoned fried chicken nuggets and steam rice.


Add Ons

Cup Of Miso


1 Croquette


1 Eggroll


Cup Of Rice


Extra Tempura Shrimp (1pcs)


Grilled Chicken


Grilled Salmon


Grilled Steak


House Salad Dressing


Miso Broth


Shoyu Broth


Side Curry


Tonkatsu Broth


Yakisoba Noodles



New York Cheese Cake


Green Tea Ice Cream


Mochi Ice Cream


image of Mochi Ice Cream

Molten Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream.


image of Molten Chocolate Cake

Japanese Mont Blanc Cake


image of Japanese Mont Blanc Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream



Fried cheesecake with cinnamon sugar and vanilla ice cream.


image of Xangos

Strawberry Crepe Cake


image of Strawberry Crepe Cake




Diet Coke


Dr. Pepper










Orange Juice


Apple Juice


Kids Drink



Ginger Honey Tea


Green Tea


Unsweetened Tea


Yuzu Honey Tea