Palani's Hawaii Noodles

Palani's Hawaii Noodles


5903 Goldview Parkway Unit 105, Wesley Chapel, FL


Saimin Noodles

The classic comfort food of Hawai'i is a bowl of Saimin Noodles. It is served in a savory clear broth and garnished with barbecued char sui pork, kamaboko, and crisp, juicy green onions.


Plate Lunch Boxes

Sunshine Chicken

Oven-baked chicken thighs basted with a homemade sweet and savory sauce and served with local garden fresh broccoli and jasmine rice.


Teriyaki Beef

Spices of tender beef marinated in Palani's homemade teriyaki sauce, grilled, and served with Palani's mac salad and jasmine rice.


Teriyaki Pork

Succulent slices of pork marinated and glazed with Palani's homemade teriyaki sauce and served with Palani's mac salad and jasmine rice.




AKA Hawaii's energy bar, musubi is a popular handmade snack layering pan seared spam flavored with Palani's homemade teriyaki sauce on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with Nori. Perfect for on-the-go snacking! Usually gone by 2:00pm



Iced Tea




Coke Zero




Minute Maid




Monster Energy


Diet Coke


Root Beer





Keiki Saimin

Noodles and broth



No Side


Side Broccoli


Nori (Seaweed)


(Side) Teriyaki Pork


(Side) Sunshine Chicken


Side Mac Salad


Green Onions


Side Spam


(Side) Teriyaki Beef


(Side) Extra Broth


(Side) Extra Noodles With Broth


Snow Cap


Side Rice


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