Pig Patas Tacos


445 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR


Breakfast Bowl

Refried beans, potatoes, scrambled eggs, choice of meat, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, avocado and red pickled onions.


image of Breakfast Bowl

waffles and Bacon

3 bacon, 2 eggs, sour cream, cilantro, red pepper flakes and avocado.


image of waffles and Bacon

2 TACO breakfast

Served with French fries and coleslaw.


Huevos Rancheros

Two tostadas, black beans, ranchero sauce, 2 eggs, mexican cheese, sour cream, avocado and pico de gallo.


image of Huevos Rancheros

Breakfast Burrito

Choice of meat, eggs, potatoes, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo.


Classic Breakfast

2 bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, home fries and 1 pancake.


Pig Patas Bagel

Spinach asiago bagel, jalapeno cream cheese, bacon, eggs and american cheese. (Also you can Choice plain bagel)


image of Pig Patas Bagel

Breakfast Fried Rice

Linguica sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, green onions, white rice, avocado and 1 fried egg


BLTA Bagel


Torta de chilaquiles


Fried Tamale



Garden Omelette

Veggie fajita mix, Mushrooms, broccoli, Monterrey cheese, Mexican cheese and avocado slices.


image of Garden Omelette

Spicy Beef Omelette

Shredded beef, home fries, grilled onions, fresh jalapenos and cheese and avocado ranch.


image of Spicy Beef Omelette

Chicken Fajita Omelette

Fajita veggie mix, grilled chicken, cheese, sauce, sour cream and pico de gallo



Banana Pancakes


image of Banana Pancakes

Choco Chips Pancakes


image of Choco Chips Pancakes



image of Pancakes

Pancakes With Berries


image of Pancakes With Berries

Pecans Pancakes


image of Pecans Pancakes



Kid's breakfast

Kid Pancake


image of Kid Pancake

Kid BF taco


image of Kid BF taco

Kid Quesadilla


image of Kid Quesadilla

Chicken Nuggets


image of Chicken Nuggets

Kid Burrito

Served with beans and cheese


image of Kid Burrito




image of Pozole

Sopa Azteca


image of Sopa Azteca

Caldo de Pollo

served with rice, avocado and tortillas on the side.



Cafe de Olla


image of Cafe de Olla

Orange Juice


image of Orange Juice

Fountain Drinks

image of Fountain Drinks

Apple Juice


image of Apple Juice



image of Jarritos

Mexican drinks

image of Mexican drinks



image of Coffee

Agua Fresca

image of Agua Fresca

Energy Drinks


Special Day

Gringa Quesadilla


PPT Nachos


kid menu

Chicken Nuggets

6 pc. of chicken nuggets


image of Chicken Nuggets

Kid Burrito

Served with beans and cheese


image of Kid Burrito

Kid Quesadilla

Two flour tortillas and melted cheese


image of Kid Quesadilla