Ricky’s Sushi


8220 NE Davis , Portland, OR




image of Mussels

Cucumber Salad


image of Cucumber Salad



image of Edamame



image of Gyoza

Heart Attack


image of Heart Attack

Pepper Tuna


image of Pepper Tuna

Salmon Poke Bowl


image of Salmon Poke Bowl

Seaweed Salad


image of Seaweed Salad

Tuna Poke Bowl


image of Tuna Poke Bowl

Vegan Heart Attack


image of Vegan Heart Attack

Veggie Spring Roll


image of Veggie Spring Roll

Udon Noodle Soup

Japanese chewy thick wheat noodles served with seaweed, green onion and soup made with soy sauce, mirin and fish stock

Kitsune Udon

1 piece of deep fried bean curd.


image of Kitsune Udon

Beef Udon

Thinly sliced marinated beef with white onion.


image of Beef Udon

Salmon Skin Udon

Sliced marinated deep fried salmon skin.


image of Salmon Skin Udon

Shrimp Udon

2 pieces of deep fried shrimp tempura


image of Shrimp Udon

Agedashi Tofu

Crispy fried tofu with green onion & tempura sauce


image of Agedashi Tofu

Miso Soup


image of Miso Soup

Classic Rolls

Deep Fried California Roll


image of Deep Fried California Roll

California Roll


image of California Roll

Dynamite Roll


image of Dynamite Roll

Eel Roll


image of Eel Roll

Hawaiian Roll


image of Hawaiian Roll

Oregon Roll


image of Oregon Roll

Philadelphia Roll


image of Philadelphia Roll

Portland Roll


image of Portland Roll

Salmon Roll


image of Salmon Roll

Salmon Skin Roll


image of Salmon Skin Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll


image of Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll


image of Spicy Tuna Roll

Spider Roll


image of Spider Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll


image of Shrimp Tempura Roll

Tuna Roll


image of Tuna Roll

Vegas Roll


image of Vegas Roll

Special Rolls

82nd Roll


image of 82nd Roll

Summer Roll


image of Summer Roll

Caterpillar Roll


image of Caterpillar Roll

Crazy Roll


image of Crazy Roll

Dragon Roll


image of Dragon Roll

Latin Lover Roll


image of Latin Lover Roll

Fresh Roll


image of Fresh Roll

Rainbow Roll


image of Rainbow Roll

Ricky's Special Roll


image of Ricky's Special Roll

Scorpion Roll


image of Scorpion Roll

Sumo Roll


image of Sumo Roll

Super Spider Roll


image of Super Spider Roll

Tigard Roll


image of Tigard Roll

OT Special Roll


image of OT Special Roll

Tuna Lover Roll


image of Tuna Lover Roll

Salmon Lover Roll


image of Salmon Lover Roll

Sushi Burritos

California Burrito


image of California Burrito

Salmon Skin Burrito


image of Salmon Skin Burrito

Crazy Burrito


image of Crazy Burrito

Hawaiian Burrito


image of Hawaiian Burrito

Dragon Burrito


image of Dragon Burrito

Jalapeno Popper Burrito


image of Jalapeno Popper Burrito

Lobster Burrito


image of Lobster Burrito

Ricky's Special Burrito


image of Ricky's Special Burrito

Portland Burrito


image of Portland Burrito

Oregon Burrito


image of Oregon Burrito

Spicy Salmon Burrito


image of Spicy Salmon Burrito

Spicy Tuna Burrito


image of Spicy Tuna Burrito

Sweet Potato Burrito


image of Sweet Potato Burrito

Tempura Fried Asparagus Burrito


image of Tempura Fried Asparagus Burrito

Tempura Burrito


image of Tempura Burrito

PDX Burrito


image of PDX Burrito




image of Ebi/Shrimp



image of Inari/Tofu

Kani Salad/Crab Salad


image of Kani Salad/Crab Salad



image of Masago/Roe



image of Sake/Salmon

Seared Salmon


image of Seared Salmon

Seared Shrimp


image of Seared Shrimp

Seared Tuna


image of Seared Tuna



image of Tamago/Egg



image of Tuna/Maguro



image of Unagi/Eel

Vegetarian Rolls

Asparagus Roll


image of Asparagus Roll

Asparagus Vegan Roll


image of Asparagus Vegan Roll

Avocado Cucumber Roll


image of Avocado Cucumber Roll

Avocado Roll


image of Avocado Roll

Cucumber Roll


image of Cucumber Roll

Eggplant Roll


image of Eggplant Roll

Garden Roll


image of Garden Roll

Green Roll


image of Green Roll

Jalapeno Popper Roll


image of Jalapeno Popper Roll

Montavilla Roll


image of Montavilla Roll

Okra Roll


image of Okra Roll

Okra Vegan Roll


image of Okra Vegan Roll

Jalapeño Vegan Roll


image of Jalapeño Vegan Roll

Super Veggie Roll


image of Super Veggie Roll

Sweet Potato Roll


image of Sweet Potato Roll

Tofu Roll


image of Tofu Roll

Tomato Roll


image of Tomato Roll

Veggie Roll


image of Veggie Roll

Veggie Tempura Roll


image of Veggie Tempura Roll


Sesame Balls


image of Sesame Balls


Red bull

image of Red bull



image of Soda


image of Out



image of Water


Deep Fry


image of Deep Fry

Soy Paper


image of Soy Paper

Spicy Mayo


image of Spicy Mayo

Unagi Sauce


image of Unagi Sauce

Vegan Sushi Burritos

Vegan Asparagus Avocado Burrito


image of Vegan Asparagus Avocado Burrito

Eggplant Burrito


image of Eggplant Burrito

Vegan Jalapeno Burrito


image of Vegan Jalapeno Burrito

Vegan Okra Burrito


image of Vegan Okra Burrito

Vegan Sweet Potato Burrito


image of Vegan Sweet Potato Burrito

Veggie Burrito


image of Veggie Burrito

Veggie Tempura Burrito


image of Veggie Tempura Burrito