Savannah Seafood Shack background image

Savannah Seafood Shack


116 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA

Small Bites

Clam Chowder(Bowl)


image of Clam Chowder(Bowl)

Clam Chowder(Cup)


image of Clam Chowder(Cup)

Crab Bites


image of Crab Bites

Fried Calamari


image of Fried Calamari

Fried Clam Strips


image of Fried Clam Strips

App Hush Puppies


image of App Hush Puppies

Jalapeno Crab Poppers


image of Jalapeno Crab Poppers

Bangin' Shrimp


image of Bangin' Shrimp

Peel and Eat Shrimp


image of Peel and Eat Shrimp

Steam Clams


image of Steam Clams

Our Famous Lowcountry Boil

A Local Favorite! Comes with shell on shrimp, corn on the cob, premium local beef sausage, and red potatoes. Topped with garlic butter, lemon and our house Cajun seasoning. With just the right amount of heat!

Potato Salad 1/2 Pan


image of Potato Salad 1/2 Pan

Lowcountry Boil



image of Lowcountry Boil

Hush Puppies 1/2 Pan


image of Hush Puppies 1/2 Pan

Cole Slaw 1/2 Pan


image of Cole Slaw 1/2 Pan

Medium Party Tray Boil

Serves 6-8 people


image of Medium Party Tray Boil

Large Party Tray Boil

Serves 12-15 people


image of Large Party Tray Boil

Steamin' Combos

Boiled and steamed in our house Cajun seasoning. Topped with lemon and garlic butter. Comes with potatoes and corn on the cob. With just the right amount of heat!

2 SnowCrab Combo


image of 2 SnowCrab Combo

1 SnowCrab Combo


image of 1 SnowCrab Combo

Mussels Steamin Combo


image of Mussels Steamin Combo

Shrimp Steamin Combo


image of Shrimp Steamin Combo

Clam Steamin Combo


image of Clam Steamin Combo

Crawfish Steamin Combo


image of Crawfish Steamin Combo

Shrimp And Crab Steamin Combo


image of Shrimp And Crab Steamin Combo

The Love Shack Steamin Combo

Consists of steamed Shrimp, Crawfish, Clams, Mussels, and Snow Crab legs


image of The Love Shack Steamin Combo

Fried-tastic Combos

Hand-battered and fried just right! Comes with one choice of side.

Fried Shrimp Combo


image of Fried Shrimp Combo

Fried Calamari Combo


image of Fried Calamari Combo

Fried Clam Strips Combo


image of Fried Clam Strips Combo

Fried Shrimp & Fish Combo


image of Fried Shrimp & Fish Combo

Fried Fish Combo


image of Fried Fish Combo

Fried Oysters Combo


image of Fried Oysters Combo

Fried Scallops Combo


image of Fried Scallops Combo

Fried Chicken Tenders Combo


image of Fried Chicken Tenders Combo

The Shack Attack

Consists of fried Shrimp, Calamari, Fish, Clam Strips, and Scallops.


image of The Shack Attack

PO' Boys

Hand-battered and overstuffed on French bread. All PO' Boy sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomatoes, garlic butter, mayo, and our Shack sauce. Comes with once choice of side.

Shrimp PO' Boys


image of Shrimp PO' Boys

Fish PO' Boys


image of Fish PO' Boys

Oysters PO' Boys


image of Oysters PO' Boys

Tender PO' Boys


image of Tender PO' Boys

Shack Cones

Here's the breakdown of the Shack cone: a homemade waffle cone, filled with creamy coleslaw, topped with your choice of protien and Shack sauce.

Fried Shrimp Cone


image of Fried Shrimp Cone

Chicken Tender Cone


image of  Chicken Tender Cone

Fried Calamari Cone


image of Fried Calamari Cone

Fried Fish Cone


image of Fried Fish Cone

Fried Oysters Cone


image of Fried Oysters Cone


3 soft tacos topped with coleslaw and our Shack sauce!

Fried Shrimp Taco


image of Fried Shrimp Taco

Fried Fish Taco


image of Fried Fish Taco

Chicken Tenders Taco


image of Chicken Tenders Taco


Spring mix salad topped with tomatoes, cheese, and cucumbers.

Fried Shrimp Salad


image of Fried Shrimp Salad

Chicken Tenders Salad


image of  Chicken Tenders Salad

Fried Fish Salad


image of Fried Fish Salad

Fried Oysters Salad


image of Fried Oysters Salad


Boiled Red Potatoes

image of Boiled Red Potatoes

Cajun Fries

image of Cajun Fries

Cole Slaw

image of Cole Slaw

Corn On The Cob

image of Corn On The Cob


image of Fries

Honey Butter(S)


image of Honey Butter(S)

Hush Puppies

image of Hush Puppies

Potato Salad

image of Potato Salad


Side Salad

image of Side Salad

Sweet Potato Fries

image of Sweet Potato Fries

Kid's Menu

(12 and under) Comes with fries and a small drink

Kids- Chicken Tenders


image of Kids- Chicken Tenders

Kids- Fried Fish


image of Kids- Fried Fish

Kids- Fried Shrimp


image of Kids- Fried Shrimp


Dessert Of The Day


Key Lime Pie


image of Key Lime Pie


Bottled Water


image of Bottled Water

Fountain Drink

image of Fountain Drink

Unsweet Tea

image of Unsweet Tea

Sweet Tea

image of Sweet Tea

Water Cup

A la Carte

Boiled Egg




image of Bread

Extra Chicken Tenders


Extra Fried Calamari


Extra Fried Catfish


Extra Fried Oyster


Extra Fried Scallop


Extra Fried Shrimp


Extra Fried Swai


Extra Steam Clams


Extra Steam Crab Leg


Extra Steam Crawfish


Extra Steam Mussels


Extra Steam Shrimp


Shack Sauce



Grey Performance T-Shirt








Vintage White T-Shirt



5.5oz Seasoning


image of 5.5oz Seasoning

10.4oz Seasoning


image of 10.4oz Seasoning

21oz Seasoning


image of  21oz Seasoning