Soho Lounge

Soho Lounge

BBQ Menu

Crispy Chicken Quesadilla

Jumbo Tortilla Stuffed with Chicken , Grilled Onions.


Brussel Sprouts


Chicken Sandwich

Breaded and fried with our house rub and buttermilk. Served with Mayo, Swiss cheese, and Pickles


Chicken Tenders

Choice of Ranch, BBQ, Hot or Honey Mustard


Chicken Wrap

Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Ranch


Delray BBQ Bowl

Mac & Cheese Topped with Crispy Chicken BBQ Sauce. Served with Hot Pickle Mix




Garden Salad


Mac & Cheese

Homemade, Creamy, melty cheese over Cavatappi noodles


Mozzarella Egg Rolls

5 Fresh Mozzarella Egg Rolls Served with Ranch and Marinara


Pretzel Bites

W/Beer Cheese


Shot for the Kitchen

Send a shot to the kitchen staff. Choose good, bad, or ugly and the bartenders will make sure they come up with something that matches your choice. Come on, everyone has to have a little fun.


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