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1721 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL

All Day Menu

Barbacoa Bowl

17 Oz. bowl, with cilantro and onion, includes 3 tortillas.


Barbacoa Taco

Shredded beef, comes with cilantro and onion, sold individually.



Chorizo and scrambled eggs, fried beans, vegetables and flour tortillas.


Burrito Order (4)

Flour tortilla, chose between, chorizo or machaca (beef) meat, combine them with scrambled eggs, vegetables or not.


Fries Order


Guacamole (6 Oz.)

Comes with chips.



Open-faced white bread sandwich with beans, chorizo and mozzarella cheese.


Pollo Bake

Baked chicken sandwich, stuffed with bacon, onion and a creamy dressing.



Flour quesadilla with barbacoa.


Sonora Dogo w/ Fries

Hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with chorizo, mushrooms, pico de gallo, guacamole, pickles, cucumber with cream, mustard, ketchup.


Sonora Nachos

Nachos with barbacoa and jalapenos.


Sonora Taco

Steak taco, Sonora style. Sold individually.


Taco Fish

Fish and shrimp and vegetables, on a corn tortilla. Sold individually.


Toasted Sandwich



Agua Fresca

Horchata (rice grains), Cebada (barley grains) or Jamaica (hibiscus). 16 Oz.



Alcohol free, Budweiser available too.


Coffee (16 Oz.)


Natural Juice

Carrot, orange and/or celery. 16 Oz.



Strawberry, banana, chocolate and/or banana, 16 Oz.


Soda Can

Coke, Diet Coke and/or Sprite.


Water Bottle




Hand-made brown sugar cookie, pack of 5.


Flour Tortillas

Hand-made, no preservatives, 10 pack.




Dry pepper, imported from Mexico, 2 Oz.


Open Item