Tea Station


1700 Platte St, Denver, CO

Butterfly Pea Tea

C52 Violet Blossom (Lemon Green Tea)

C53 Tiffany Milk Green Tea


C54 ICED House Coffee

H30 Tea Station House Coffee


HOT Chocolate W/ Whipped Cream

H31 HOT Pecan Coffee


H32 Japanese Matcha Coffee


HOT Earl Grey Latte (Large) (Winter Special)


Cold Brew Teas

Osmanthus Cold Brew


Milky Oolong


King's Tea Cold Brew


Pearl Jasmine Cold Brew


Cold Brew 4 bottles


Red Jade Peach Black Tea Cold Brew


Shine Grape Oolong Cold Brew



Carrot Cake


Chocolate Cake


Cup Noodles


Gnarly Cookies


Ice Cream Sandwich Box


Keylime Cheesecake


Mississippi Mud Pie


Mochi Donuts


Mochi Ice Cream Box


Pecan Pie


Pineapple Cake


Tochi Salmon Chips




Chewing Gum


Pumpkin Cheesecake


Reese's Mud Pie


Shin Ramen Cup


Strawberry Cheesecake






Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl


A1 Tea Boiled Eggs (2)


A2 Sweet Milk Toast


A3 Sweet Butter Toast


A4 Takoyaki (Octopus)


A5 Spicy Wontons


Hot Fruit Teas

H09 HOT Mixed Fruit Tea


H10 HOT Fresh Lemon Juice


H11 Fresh Lemon Green Tea


H12 HOT Chrysanthemum Tea


H13 Kumquat Lemon Green Tea


Hot Healthy Drinks/Desserts

H33 Hot Grass Jelly W/ MixBeans/Boba


H34 Red Bean Soup With Rice balls


H35 Red Bean Soup w/ Taro Balls (Tea Soup)


H36 Red Bean Soup w/ Sweet Potato Balls


H37 Taro Soup w/ Rice Balls & Red Bean


H37 Taro Soup with Red Bean &Taro Balls


H38 Taro Soup w/ Sweet Potato Balls


H39 Boba Longan Tea


H40 Honey Ginseng Tea


H41 Eight Treasures Chrysanthemum Tea


H42 Longan Ginseng Goji Berries Tea


H43 Longan Juijube Tea


Hot Milk Tea

H44 HOT Tapioca Milk Tea


H45 Tapioca Milk Green Tea


H47 HOT Milk Green Tea

H46 HOT Milk Tea

H48 HOT Barley Milk Tea

H49 Barley Powder Milk Green Tea

H50 HOT Thai Tea

H51 Royal Milk Tea (Earl Grey)

H52 HOT Almond Milk Tea

H53 HOT Coffee Milk Tea

H54 HOT Rose Milk Tea

H55 HOT Lavender Milk Tea

H56 Brown Sugar Milk Tea

H57 Winter Melon Milk Tea

H58 HOT Taro Milk Tea

H59 HOT Honeydew Milk Tea

Hot Teas

H01 HOT Black Tea

H02 HOT Green Tea (Jasmine)

H03 Royal Black Tea (Earl Grey)

H04 HOT Rose Black Tea

H05 HOT Mango Black Tea

H06 Passion Fruit Black Tea

H07 HOT Hibiscus Tea

H08 HOT Ginger Tea W/ Brown Sugar

Hot Traditional Chinese Tea

H14 Traditional Jasmine Tea


H15 Pou-Chong Tea


H16 Dragonwell Green


H17 Pu-Erh Tea


H18 Ten-Lu Oolong Tea


H19 Crysanthemum & Pu-Erh Infusion


H20 Ti-Kuan Yin (Monkey Pick)


H21 Green Ti-Kuan Yin


H22 Rose Oolong Tea


H23 Tung-Ting Oolong


H24 Osmanthus Oolong


H25 Ginseng Oolong


H26 Oriental Beauty Tea


H27 Kings Tea 403 Green


H28 Kings Tea 409 Dark


H29 Ten-Li Tea (High Mountain Oolong Tea)


Iced Flavored Teas

C01 Bubble Black Tea

C02 Bubble Green Tea

C03 Mango Black Tea

Wintermelon Green Tea

C55 Wintermelon Black Tea

C04 Mango Green Tea

Dragon Fruit Green Tea

Open Beverage

C05 Passionfruit Black Tea

C06 Passionfruit Green Tea

Honey Lemon Passion Fruit Green Tea (Large)


C07 Peach Black Tea

C08 Peach Green Tea

ICED Kumquat Lemon Green Tea

C09 Rose Black Tea

C10 Rose Green Tea

C11 Plum Green Tea

C12 Royal Black Tea (Earl Grey)

C13 Lychee Green Tea

C14 Yogurt Green Tea

C15 Hibiscus Spice Tea

C16 Chrysanthemum Tea

C17 Honey Black Tea

C18 Honey Green Tea

C19 Honey Lemon

C20 Osmanthus Oolong

C21 White Peach Oolong

C22 Iced King's tea 913

C23 Mixed Fruit Tea

C24 Iced Fresh Lemon Green Tea


Iced Healthy Drinks

I14 Peach Yogurt Drink

I15 Mango Yogurt Drink

I16 Pineapple Yogurt Drink

Iced Milk Tea

C25 Tapioca Milk Tea

C26 Tapioca Milk Green Tea

C27 Milk Tea

C28 Milk Green Tea

C29 Barley Powder Milk Tea

C30 Barley Powder Milk Green Tea

C31 Rose Milk Tea

C32 Rose Milk Green Tea

C33 Thai Tea

C34 Royal Milk Tea (Earl Grey)

C35 Almond Milk Tea

C36 Coffee Milk Tea

C37 Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Green Tea

C38 Wintermelon Milk Tea

C39 Coconut Milk Tea

C40 Strawberry Pudding

C41 Taro Milk Drink

C42 Honeydew Milk Drink

C43 Honey Milk Tea

C44 Honey Milk Green Tea

C45 Matcha Ice Cream Milk Green Tea

C46 Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Iced Lavender Milk Tea

Jelly Ice

I17 Passionfruit Jelly Ice

I18 Pineapple Jelly Ice

I19 Strawberry Jelly Ice

I20 Mango Jelly Ice

I21 Lychee Jelly Ice

I22 Coconut Grass Jelly Ice

Puffcream Tea

C47 Puffcream Milk Tea

C48 Puffcream Milk Green Tea

C49 Puffcream Osmanthus Oolong

C50 Puffcream King's Tea 913

Grape Cheese Smoothie (Large)


C51 Puffcream Black Coffee


HOT Earl Grey Latte (Large) (Winter Special)


HOT Eight Treasure Chrysanthemum (Winter Special)


HOT Lavender Milk Tea (Large) (Winter Special)


HOT Hazelnut Milk Tea (Large)(Winter Special)


Dragon Fruit Green Tea

Honey Lemon Passion Fruit Green Tea (Large)


Lychee Snow Ice

Pineapple Yogurt COCONUT Snow Ice

C41 Reason (Taro Milk)

C07 Vision (Peach Black Tea)

Shaved Ice

I23 Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice


I24 Green Bean Milk Shaved Ice


I25 Dark Plum w/ Grass Jelly Shaved Ice


I26 Passion Fruit w/ Crystal Jelly Shaved Ice


I27 Strawberry Milk Shaved Ice


I28 Coconut Combination Shaved Ice


Snow Ice

I01 Taro Snow Ice

Lychee Snow Ice

Pineapple Yogurt COCONUT Snow Ice

I02 Strawberry Snow Ice

I03 Honeydew Snow Ice

I04 Mango Snow Ice

I05 Passionfruit Snow Ice

I06 Red Bean Snow Ice

I07 Green Bean Snow Ice

I08 Mocha Snow Ice

I09 Strawberry Yogurt Snow Ice

I10 Peach Yogurt Snow Ice

I11 Pineapple Yogurt Snow Ice

I12 Oreo Snow Ice


I13 Milk Slush