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The Pipe Room


Featured Burger


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The Burger


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Junior Cheeseburger


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Kids Menu

Cheese Flatbread


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Ham & Cheese


image of Ham & Cheese

PB & J


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Toasted Cheese


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Mayfield Favorites

The Underhill



Funky Grilled Cheese




Mediterranean Bowl


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House Salad


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Caesar Salad


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The Salad


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Salad Feature


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BBQ Brisket Sammy


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Buffalo Chicken


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Fried Fish Sammy


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Italian Hoagie


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image of Cheesesteak



image of T.B.S

Toasted Cheese


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Crab Cake Sammy


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image of Coleslaw



image of Fries

Onion Rings


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Side Salad


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Soup Bowl


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Soup Cup


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Side-Buffalo Sauce


image of Side-Buffalo Sauce

Side- Ranch


image of Side- Ranch

Side- Blue Cheese


image of Side- Blue Cheese

Side- Carrots/Celery


image of Side- Carrots/Celery


Buffalo Cauliflower Dip


image of Buffalo Cauliflower Dip

Mozz. Sticks & Sauce


image of Mozz. Sticks & Sauce

Outrageous Fry Platter


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Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls


image of Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Pretzel Platter


image of Pretzel Platter

Wings & Nuggets



image of Dozen

Half Dozen


image of Half Dozen

Nuggets (8 PC) n' Fries

image of Nuggets (8 PC) n' Fries