Wilde Irish Pub background image

Wilde Irish Pub


423 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA


Cheese balls


image of Cheese balls

French Fries


image of French Fries

Fried avo


image of Fried avo

Fried mushrooms


image of Fried mushrooms

Fried pickle chips


image of Fried pickle chips

Goat Cheese Brussels


image of Goat Cheese Brussels

Habanero Pork belly


image of Habanero Pork belly

Lemon Drop Prawns

Succulent crispy prawns tossed in lemondrop drizzle on a bed of Napa cabbage slaw


image of Lemon Drop Prawns

Maple Burboun Pork Belly


image of Maple Burboun Pork Belly

Ming Tree WonTon

In homage of Ming Tree Restaurant, we have created a new twist on an Irishfavorite. Corned Beef and Cabbage with Swiss cheese, wrapped in a wonton and served crispy with house dipping sauce.


image of Ming Tree WonTon

Potato Balls


Pub Cheese


image of Pub Cheese

Steak Bites & Prawns


image of Steak Bites & Prawns

Teriyaki Steak Bites

Sizzling sirloin sautéed with citrus teriyaki glaze and orange zest cooked medium rare GF

image of Teriyaki Steak Bites

Tuna Tataki

Crispy wonton, seared Ahi tuna, smashedavocado, house teriyaki, mango pico, absolute bliss sushi grade tuna served seared & sliced rare


image of Tuna Tataki

Wilde Onion

Lightly battered sweet onion, Served with our House sauce.


image of Wilde Onion

Irish Traditions

Bangers and Mash


image of Bangers and Mash

Extra Burger


image of Extra Burger

Corned Beef & Cabbage


image of Corned Beef & Cabbage

Fish & Chips


image of Fish & Chips

Guinness Beef Stew


image of Guinness Beef Stew

Halibut Fish & Chips


image of Halibut Fish & Chips

Irish Sampler


image of Irish Sampler

Shepherds Pie


image of Shepherds Pie

(App- Burger Side)

Side Salad


image of Side Salad

*Substitute Salad



50/50 Burger


image of 50/50 Burger

Bacon Cheeseburger


image of Bacon Cheeseburger

Bleu Cheese Onion Burger


image of Bleu Cheese Onion Burger



image of  Cheeseburger



image of Hamburger

Impossible Burger


image of Impossible Burger

Jalapeno Burger


image of Jalapeno Burger

Mad Irish Burger

The ultimate blend of madness starts with a hand pressed ground beef cooked to your liking, topped with crisp bacon, sharp cheddar, onion, pickles, lettuce, ham and an over easy egg. Served with House pickle dressing on Pretzel Roll.


image of Mad Irish Burger

Maple Bourbon Burger


image of Maple Bourbon Burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger


image of Mushroom Swiss Burger


Hot Honey Chicken Strips



Bleu Cheese Wedge


image of Bleu Cheese Wedge

Seasonal Greens Salad


image of Seasonal Greens Salad

Tuna Tataki Salad


image of Tuna Tataki Salad

Uncle Herbs Steak Salad

Sirloin Steak sliced laid on a bed of mixed greens with fresh onion, tomatoes, cucumber and topped with our cheese blend. *We use our house made spicy ranch We are happy to chop and mix it for you, just ask


image of Uncle Herbs Steak Salad

Sandwiches / Soups / Chicken

Chicken Bacon Ranch


image of Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken BLT Sandwich


image of Chicken BLT Sandwich

Chicken DINNER


image of  Chicken DINNER

Grandma Francis Reuben


image of Grandma  Francis Reuben

Grilled Cheese & Fries


image of Grilled Cheese & Fries

Hot Honey Chicken Strips


image of Hot Honey Chicken Strips

Hot Maple Bourbon Chicken Strips


image of Hot Maple Bourbon Chicken Strips

Railroad Chicken


image of Railroad Chicken

Soup and Grilled cheese


image of Soup and Grilled cheese

Tomato bisque


Wilde Pork Belly BAHN MI


image of Wilde Pork Belly BAHN MI


4 Shrimp for Sides or Mods


image of 4 Shrimp for Sides or Mods



image of Bacon



image of COD



image of Colcannon

Crispy Chicken


image of Crispy Chicken

French Fries


image of French Fries

Grilled Chicken


image of Grilled Chicken

Mothers Slaw


image of Mothers Slaw


image of Sauce

Sauteed Onion


image of Sauteed Onion

Sauteed Prawns


image of Sauteed Prawns

Seasonal Veggies


image of Seasonal Veggies

side/Corned Beef


image of side/Corned Beef

Soda Bread

image of Soda Bread

Substitute Salad


image of Substitute Salad

Steaks / Seafood

NY Pom Frittes


NY Strip Prime